Filet Magnon

Holy crap! Canada does not take kind­ly to sociopaths who com­man­deer first world coun­tries and (lit­er­al­ly) bleed peo­ple (‘s oil) dry with zero remorse. Perhaps he’s afraid they’ll hack his pace­mak­er. Welcome to Good News Tuesday™, friend­ster.

The future of urban farm­ing is under con­struc­tion in Sweden as agri­cul­tur­al design firm Plantagon works to bring a 12-year-old vision to life: The city of Linköping will soon be home to a 17-sto­ry “ver­ti­cal green­house.”

A solar pan­el made with ion can­non is cheap enough to chal­lenge fos­sil fuels.

A tri­umph of human­i­ty over cap­i­tal­ism: the Indian Government has allowed a domes­tic com­pa­ny, Natco Pharma, to man­u­fac­ture a copy­cat ver­sion of Bayer’s patent­ed anti-can­cer drug, Nexavar, bring­ing down its price by 97%. (NY Times Story)

I keep telling you, and you should real­ly think about it: in October, sci­en­tists will reveal a $330,000 test-tube-meat burg­er.

Good news! Russia and South Korea will clone the Wooly Mammoth!

Encyclopedia Britannica has no more lawn for you to get off.

People lit­er­al­ly live under­ground in Las Vagas.


Portrait of a girl from Tajikistan:


Amsterdam (who wants to spon­sor me?) (via):


Sequoias (via):


Volcano & Aurora:


Oh man, I loved this fresh TED Talk on the mys­ter­ies of Earth under­wa­ter: