Filet Magnon

Holy crap! Canada does not take kindly to sociopaths who commandeer first world countries and (literally) bleed people (‘s oil) dry with zero remorse. Perhaps he’s afraid they’ll hack his pacemaker. Welcome to Good News Tuesday™, friendster.

The future of urban farming is under construction in Sweden as agricultural design firm Plantagon works to bring a 12-year-old vision to life: The city of Linköping will soon be home to a 17-story “vertical greenhouse.”

A solar panel made with ion cannon is cheap enough to challenge fossil fuels.

A triumph of humanity over capitalism: the Indian Government has allowed a domestic company, Natco Pharma, to manufacture a copycat version of Bayer’s patented anti-cancer drug, Nexavar, bringing down its price by 97%. (NY Times Story)

I keep telling you, and you should really think about it: in October, scientists will reveal a $330,000 test-tube-meat burger.

Good news! Russia and South Korea will clone the Wooly Mammoth!

Encyclopedia Britannica has no more lawn for you to get off.

People literally live underground in Las Vagas.


Portrait of a girl from Tajikistan:


Amsterdam (who wants to sponsor me?) (via):


Sequoias (via):


Volcano & Aurora:


Oh man, I loved this fresh TED Talk on the mysteries of Earth underwater: