Why, hel­lo there, friend. It’s been too long, I know. What can I say, oth­er than, “What can I say, oth­er than, ‘what can I say?’?”?

When the World Bank tries to con­vince you that man-made cli­mate change is real and immi­nent, you might want to pay atten­tion (I’m talk­in’ to you, shitheel).

Where do 70% of land ani­mals live? In the forest.

Set your TV on the curb and stop buy­ing shit you don’t need.

This talk at Google with Eckhart Tolle is worth watch­ing.

The secret hap­py pill that’s actu­al­ly not a secret, you’re just afraid to take it.

I’ve col­lect­ed a butt-load of pic­tures. Here they are:


Britt Ekland


The man:


Can some­body send me some of the­se?




Sad, yet intrigu­ing:


Georgia O’Keeffe — A Storm (1922)


A river in Iceland by Andre Ermolaev (more here)


Speaking of waves…


Ruud Van Empel — World #21 (2006)


Congress of Freaks

Love yous!