Why, hello there, friend. It’s been too long, I know. What can I say, other than, “What can I say, other than, ‘what can I say?’?”?

When the World Bank tries to convince you that man-made climate change is real and imminent, you might want to pay attention (I’m talkin’ to you, shitheel).

Where do 70% of land animals live? In the forest.

Set your TV on the curb and stop buying shit you don’t need.

This talk at Google with Eckhart Tolle is worth watching.

The secret happy pill that’s actually not a secret, you’re just afraid to take it.

I’ve collected a butt-load of pictures. Here they are:


Britt Ekland


The man:


Can somebody send me some of these?




Sad, yet intriguing:


Georgia O’Keeffe — A Storm (1922)


A river in Iceland by Andre Ermolaev (more here)


Speaking of waves…


Ruud Van Empel — World #21 (2006)


Congress of Freaks

Love yous!