A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream togeth­er is real­i­ty.”

~ John Lennon

The tubes are hum­ming with ire for SOPA. The hive­mind is whirring with solu­tions.

A sharp-eyed spy-in-the-sky sent its first shots.

A comet named Lovejoy dipped into the Sun and kept on going (video).

Via The Lives They Loved, pic­tures and sto­ries from those who passed in 2011:

More images from China’s Abandoned Wonderland.

Breathe and the mad­ness will go away.” Yoga & med­i­ta­tion in B-More schools.

And, final­ly:






Today is yesterday’s pupil.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Watch Senator Sanders present a Constitutional Amendment to negate the dis­as­trous Citizen’s United rul­ing.

More like this, please.

The movie indus­try is reap­ing record prof­its and increas­ing exec­u­tive salaries while hir­ing less peo­ple and lob­by­ing for nasty laws.

Feeling intel­lec­tu­al? Check out MIT Professor Daron Acemoglu’s insight­ful inter­view on inequal­i­ty.

Or, you could pon­der the caus­es and social ram­i­fi­ca­tions of “hov­er-hand.”

Economic experts explain 2011 in charts. Yeah. That’s nerdy.

Q: Dude, have you seen that #occ­cu­pier pwn Faux News?
A: Totally, brah.


Butterfly egg (via)

Mantis (via)

(The) Dagobah (sys­tem) Georgia, US

And, final­ly, a retiree who’s saved over 160 peo­ple from sui­cide.

Talk soon.




Teeth Kiss

Happy whole-y(s) day to you.

Q: What’s good?
A: Good News Tuesday.

Great News! Another dic­ta­tor has stopped dic­tat­ing. Have you got­ten enough of the Il-o-mat­ic yet? No?

Wonderful News! Even China’s gov­ern­ment con­sid­ers con­ces­sions to pro­tes­tors. Maybe there’s hope in the Land of the Free™ after all! Oh, and by the way, the upper-crust is sick and tired of you “imbe­ciles” attack­ing them. Is your skin­ny-cat skin in the game?

Fabulous news! We’re build­ing more homes! I’m sure this will elim­i­nate the home­less prob­lem, right?

Wonderful news! Google just invest­ed anoth­er $94 mil­lion into solar ener­gy. That brings their tal­ly up to more than $915 mil­lion. Speaking of, check out 2011’s most watched YouTube videos.


The Chromatic Typewriter is awe­some.

These hyper-real­is­tic paint­ings are impres­sive.

Okay, that’s good! See you soon.



Primrose Glide

Happy Sunday, folks. Let’s start things off with a quote:

There’s only one cor­ner of the uni­verse you can be cer­tain of improv­ing, and that’s your own self.

~ Aldous Huxley

A great leader/visionary/artist has died. “Only democ­ra­cy guar­an­tees peace.”

Want some Art?

Are you aware that the “war on drugs” is a com­plete and total fail­ure? It’s true. Preposterous amounts of mon­ey, time, and human­i­ty: wast­ed. It caus­es untold amounts of (com­plete­ly unnec­es­sary) pain, sor­row, and death. There is no com­pelling rea­son for this fake war of greed and racism. What’s that? You want a sane solu­tion? Look no fur­ther than Portugal.

Ever won­der why, and when, wom­en start­ed shav­ing their body hair? Wonder no more.

Congress passed that awful Homeland Battlefield bill. WTF?

Did you know that Wikipedia has a sim­ple ver­sion that is awe­some? Yesss! And, speak­ing of Wikipedia, check out this real­ly, real­ly, deep page.

Uh oh. China’s cred­it bub­ble has popped. Something tells me that the fecal mat­ter is going to impact the air cir­cu­la­tion device soon. But—if it heart­ens you at all—nature will over­come…

Stay bal­anced, broth­ers and sis­ters. You know in your heart what’s right. Don’t let any­one tell you oth­er­wise.



Quiet Time With Al

Good day, good friend. Blogging from the iPad again, but this time using an “app”. Yep. I just said “app”. I’ll say it again, with­out the quotes: app.

It’s been a year. It only took a sin­gle spark. But glob­al rev­o­lu­tion was the sto­ry this year. I’m hope­ful of what 2012 will bring.

Do you care about glob­al rev­o­lu­tion? Or do you just like pret­ty pic­tures? I like both. Check the­se out:

Want more? Check out the 50 best nature pho­tos of 2011.

Okay, back to the iMac tomor­row. Be well!




Happy Friday, fur­ry folks! I’m blog­ging from an iPad, which is like play­ing the piano with mit­tens on. I’ll try…

…is this work­ing?

I think so.

Now, a few words on the econ­o­my. First, you should brace your­self.  Then, you should read the 50 eco­nom­ic num­bers from 2011 that are almost too crazy to believe. Then, if you haven’t tossed your cook­ies, check out this dis­heart­en­ing chart on annu­al salary growth.

Well, at least the S.E.C start­ed charg­ing exec­u­tives with crimes. No. No jail time is involved.

Speaking of jail time, #occu­py Portland has stum­bled upon a suc­ces­ful tac­tic for deal­ing with police. Pew has pub­lished a sur­vey on what Americans think about the occu­piers and income inequal­i­ty.

Okay. That’s it. iPads suck for blog­ging and my mit­tens are sweaty. More fun, com­ing soon. Be mer­ry, friend.




We need more politi­cians like Mayor Mockus from Bogota, who cleaned the streets in a super-hero out­fit, took show­ers on tele­vi­sion, and paid mimes to mock jay­walk­ers. These eccen­tric cam­paigns and oth­ers cre­at­ed a bet­ter city…

…here in the US,  job­less claims have dropped to a three-year low. ButHalf of Americans live in pover­ty or are “low income”. What?!?

Do you like film? I do. Peter Jackson is liv­ing the future of cin­e­ma: 48f­ps. Charlie Kaufman is talk­in’ screen­writ­ing.

Q: Are our brains con­trolled by cat-lov­ing par­a­sites?
A: Experts say: Yes! Approximately one third of us.

Nature? Oh, God, yes, thank you!

Be well.




Why, hel­lo there! It’s late, I’m tired, but I’m not let­ting that stop me from blog­gin’ up a storm. Or. Something.

Good news! Fox News is actu­al­ly help­ing to elect Obama.

Kids the­se days: they’re drink­ing less alco­hol, smok­ing less tobac­co, but are total­ly into cannabis.

Today marked the offi­cial, offi­cial, mis­sion total­ly accom­plished, end of the Iraq War. Good rid­dance.  But … the hous­ing mar­ket is way worse than orig­i­nal­ly thought, America’s top exec­u­tives received huge pay hikes last year, the Government re-opened the Gulf of Mexico for drilling, and the Senate reject­ed two dif­fer­ent bal­anced-bud­get amend­ments. Coincidentally, Time released their annu­al “Person of the Year”:

But relax. Take it easy! Comedian Louis C.K. did quite well on his lit­tle $5 video exper­i­ment. Good for him!

Here is some choice street art.

Here are cat http sta­tus codes.

Here are some free chick­en strips.

And final­ly, a bunch of phras­es that came from the pen of William Shakespeare:

Take care of your­self, good friend.





Good News Tuesdays #2: Statistical Hemoglobin

Hey there! I see on teh [sic] gog­gle [sic] ana­lyt­ics that more of you are vis­it­ing. That’s good. It was start­ing to feel a bit lone­ly here. So now, I present to you: the 2nd edi­tion of Good News Tuesdays!

We either make our­selves mis­er­able, or we make our­selves strong. The amount of work is the same.
~ Carlos Castaneda

Speaking of…peo­ple are quit­ting Facebook.

Check out this fas­ci­nat­ing time-lapse video of Buddhist monks cre­at­ing a man­dala. Then they destroy it and then…well…okay, no spoil­er: see for your­self…

Household dogs can eas­i­ly be trained to detect can­cer with 90%+ accu­ra­cy. Which leads us to the inevitable com­par­ison

Here’s a short, fun video on pro­duct design:

Here’s an inter­est­ing, eerie sto­ry on a fake Disneyland in China that got its fund­ing pulled and remains only par­tial­ly built. Farmers are now reclaim­ing the land.

Biking: it’s healthy, eco-friend­ly and good for soci­ety. Get with it, fat­tie!

And final­ly, I give you two waves crash­ing into each oth­er (via):

Had enough good news? No? Well, did I men­tion that you are awe­some?