Cancel 109

I need Support Manager Bill to dial 109 to unlock the gun cabinet. Support Manager Bill, please … ooooohhh. Cancel 109.


The UN special rapporteur on torture has formally accused the US government of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment towards Bradley Manning.

A Canadian #occupier has lost an eye from a stun grenade and having his requests for an ambulance refused.

According to new research, while ambition can help you achieve a more prestigious education and corporate success, these may not make you any happier in the long run. Less driven “slackers” may be just as happy — and in fact live longer.

A superb concert poster portfolio:

141 groups, including the US Army, are pulling their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s show.

In the past year, food prices have gone up 4.4%, and there are no signs of slowing.

Several so-called “Green Firms” that received substantial US government backing to get the “green economy” moving, paid their executives ridiculous bonuses, then failed.

LinkedIn: why your profile never gets viewed, and how you can fix it.

Got half an hour? Check out this Democracy Now video on the growing momentum for a drug decriminalization debate in Latin America:


Or, maybe, instead, you’re into Ray Kurzwiel, who predicts that computers will surpass human intelligence in 2029. He calls this event The Singularity, and thinks it will change the course of human history. Here’s an interview with him at SXSW:


Or, perhaps you’re not ready for “motion” pictures with “sound” and would just like some stills:


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