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Holy crap! Canada does not take kind­ly to sociopaths who com­man­deer first world coun­tries and (lit­er­al­ly) bleed peo­ple (‘s oil) dry with zero remorse. Perhaps he’s afraid they’ll hack his pace­mak­er. Welcome to Good News Tuesday™, friend­ster.

The future of urban farm­ing is under con­struc­tion in Sweden as agri­cul­tur­al design firm Plantagon works to bring a 12-year-old vision to life: The city of Linköping will soon be home to a 17-sto­ry “ver­ti­cal green­house.”

A solar pan­el made with ion can­non is cheap enough to chal­lenge fos­sil fuels.

A tri­umph of human­i­ty over cap­i­tal­ism: the Indian Government has allowed a domes­tic com­pa­ny, Natco Pharma, to man­u­fac­ture a copy­cat ver­sion of Bayer’s patent­ed anti-can­cer drug, Nexavar, bring­ing down its price by 97%. (NY Times Story)

I keep telling you, and you should real­ly think about it: in October, sci­en­tists will reveal a $330,000 test-tube-meat burg­er.

Good news! Russia and South Korea will clone the Wooly Mammoth!

Encyclopedia Britannica has no more lawn for you to get off.

People lit­er­al­ly live under­ground in Las Vagas.


Portrait of a girl from Tajikistan:


Amsterdam (who wants to spon­sor me?) (via):


Sequoias (via):


Volcano & Aurora:


Oh man, I loved this fresh TED Talk on the mys­ter­ies of Earth under­wa­ter:




Hi-fi Rob

All this time
The Sun nev­er says
To the Earth,
“You owe me.”
What hap­pens
With a love like that.
It lights the
~ Hafez

Happy Good News Tuesday™, friends.

For the first time ever, the num­ber of poor peo­ple is declin­ing every­where. Brazil is kick­ing ass: they’ve just over­tak­en the UK as the world’s six­th largest econ­o­my. Their income inequal­i­ty is drop­ping: they pay the poor to keep their kids in school.

Great news! More US employ­ees are quit­ting their jobs.

This biodegrad­able urn con­tains the seeds for a tree, which will use your ash­es for sus­te­nance when you die. Become a tree!

Speaking of cool inven­tions, a Japanese researcher makes vio­lin strings from spi­der webs. They sound amaz­ing!

Inspiring: a 91 year old man learned how to read. At 98, he’s pub­lished his first book.

Costa Rica is next in line to ban smok­ing in pub­lic spaces.

This new, incred­i­ble edu­ca­tion­al soft­ware can not only teach, but respond to stu­dents emo­tions and bore­dom.

Absolutely stun­ning, clas­sic US pro­pa­gan­da posters:


Havana bride:


Abandoned roller­coast­er:


Hidden city:


Bedroom in Nature:


La, la love you.



I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.

~ Pablo Picasso

How are you? The ana­lyt­ics say that more and more of you are vis­it­ing, and return­ing. Thank you.

Good news! US Consumer sen­ti­ment is slow­ly but sure­ly return­ing to pre-’08 lev­els.

The whole Anonymous/Wikileaks team-up is get­ting a lot of press, and scar­ing the crap out of the sta­tus quo.™

Do you know what’s not scar­ing face­book? Google+.

Speaking of, you should book my face in your next dot com.

Burma’s under­ground punk scene makes me hap­py.


These chain­saw tree-carv­ings are quite good.


Wall Street is com­ing to terms with its bro­ken incen­tive sys­tem. Some think we just need to weed out the psy­chopaths. But the big­ger issue, the way I see it, is that the cor­po­ra­tions that make up Wall Street are them­selves, by def­i­n­i­tion, psy­chopaths. What’s worse, is that unlike peo­ple, they are not, and can­not be, held account­able for their actions. Don’t believe me? Watch this pan­el on Prosecuting Wall Street.

Or, you can just look a the pret­ty, shiny horse:


And this epic swell:


Or Dragon Falls, Venezuela.

tum­blr of the day: Better Book Titles.



Superfluous Barnacle

Although the world is full of suf­fer­ing, it is also full of the over­com­ing of it.
~ Helen Keller

Heyyo, Dear Reader, thanks for tun­ing in. You know, Helen Keller was pret­ty unbe­liev­ably awe­some. Here’s anoth­er quote:

If you read any of the arti­cles in this post, read the one in which Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh speaks about redefin­ing envi­ron­men­tal­ism. A quote:

Realize you are the Earth, and your con­scious­ness is also the con­scious­ness of the Earth.

Speaking of Buddhism, here’s a watch that reminds you of an indis­putable fact:

Speaking of death, the RIAA claims that the music indus­try is col­laps­ing, while, in real­i­ty, it is they who are col­laps­ing. Their evil twin, the MPAA, refus­es to inno­vate, and has their head in the sand when it comes to pira­cy.

Yes! States are fight­ing back again­st the awful NDAA bill that Obama signed into law (with “reser­va­tions”).

Some com­men­tary on cur­rent design trends:


A squir­rel, tough­ing it out:


An easy way to make the world a hap­pier place. Post some­thing like this some­where today:


And final­ly, a col­lec­tion of note­wor­thy Google Street View images.


Okay. Love yous. G’nite. Xo.


Glad Stone

It’s GNT, folks.

Do you like to learn? MITx will offer a port­fo­lio of MIT cours­es for free to a vir­tu­al com­mu­ni­ty of learn­ers around the world.

Speaking of nerds, they’re turn­ing it up to 11 at the old LHC in search of Higgs boson.

Every time I read, “the hack­er group anony­mous” I think, are they real­ly a group? More like an idea, no? Anyway, they’re screw­ing with a US com­pa­ny that sup­plies crowd-con­trol weapons to the Egyptian mil­i­tary.

Are you a bil­lion­aire? Great news! You can buy you some democ­ra­cy! And stay on top!

A col­lec­tion of, and some info on VD pro­pa­gan­da posters.

An album of aban­doned bomb shel­ter pics.

To go (to go):

A sweet, (unfor­tu­nate­ly) not safe for work, meet­ing of cul­tures.

Love yous,



Happy Good News Tuesday™, folks! We’ll start with a video of Charles Bukowski explain­ing his method of deal­ing with the blues:

Got more time? Check out this Fresh Air seg­ment on “The Risks and Rewards of Yoga.

Man, that is one thin house!.

An inter­na­tion­al team of sci­en­tists has demon­strat­ed a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new way of mag­net­ic record­ing which will allow infor­ma­tion to be processed hun­dreds of times faster than by cur­rent hard dri­ve tech­nol­o­gy.

A futur­is­tic design show from 1944.

Speaking of, here’s futur­is­tic home that didn’t make it:

John Cleese on cre­ativ­i­ty:

Quadrula Pustulosa

Don’t count the days, make the days count.
~ Muhammad Ali

Hey there, dear read­er, glad you stopped by. As you know, it’s Good News Tuesday™, so let’s get to it!

Washington and Colorado are forg­ing ahead to legal­ize cannabis for recre­ation­al use.

The San Francisco Airport recent­ly opened the world’s first air­port yoga room.

Japan makes the best American Denim, French cuisine, and Italian espres­so in the world. Now’s a great time to vis­it.

Fun fact: The Satanic Bible is heav­i­ly based on the writ­ings of Ayn Rand. Author Anton Levay states that Satanism is, “just Ayn Rand’s phi­los­o­phy, with cer­e­mony and rit­u­al added.”

I’m old! I had no idea who Muse was until tonight, when I came across this video of them switch­ing instru­ments on TV because they were asked to do a “play­back”:

Nirvana did the same thing:

Throw a fire­ball at this:



Make it a Great News Tuesday and sconex my face­books.

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Good News Tuesday: Security Phrase: Prime Lean

Orange is pro­vid­ing free Wikipedia access in the Middle East and Africa.

A more detailed arti­cle on the intrigu­ing find­ings of a recent psilo­cy­bin study.

I don’t watch TV, but I’ll tune in to Julian Assange’s new show at least once.

The nerds are fig­ur­ing things out: they’ve dis­cov­ered a new mate­ri­al that removes radioac­tive gas from spent nuclear fuel.

Anonymous released some Strafor emails. Choice quote:

I’ve seen peo­ple talk­ing about how this “new move­ment” is a ter­ri­ble threat to cor­po­ra­tions, but in real­i­ty, due to the his­to­ry of anar­chists, ani­mal rights, anti-war and anti-glob­al­iza­tion pro­test­ers, com­pa­nies are well pre­pared for such hip­py hijinks.

Here’s a paper by Harvard research fel­low Michael Beckley that basi­cal­ly says, don’t wor­ry about the U.S.! It will be okay. Really.

A Calgary pro­fes­sor is begin­ning a 2 year study on peo­ple liv­ing off the grid.

He might want to check the­se guys out:

Love Yous,



Q: Okay Poem Friday?
A: Nope. Good News Tuesday.

Customers pay it for­ward reg­u­lar­ly at this cof­fee shop in South Carolina.

So, pa, everyone’s talk­ing about it: SOPA. A bunch of sites are black­ing out in protest. Google is join­ing the fray. Unperson will only be par­tial­ly blacked out. That part at the top of the page. And the bot­tom.

Do you know about Synaesthesia? Some say you can learn it.

Today is Muhammad Ali’s birth­day. He’s an American Great. Here’s a video of him sav­ing a man from sui­cide:

Did you like that video? Would you like anoth­er?:

Okay. One more, about the fear of tech­nol­o­gy:

Enough videos. Some stills:

Klon O’Pin

Q: Great Novel Saturday?
A: Nope. Good News Tuesday

A cou­ple in the UK just cel­e­brat­ed their 86th anniver­sary.

Type 1 Diabetes can be reversed using “stem cell edu­ca­tor ther­a­py.”

Top econ­o­mists in London are urg­ing politi­cians to cut the work-week to a max­i­mum of 20 hours.

More aban­doned the­me-park porn. This time in Japan (warn­ing: HDR).

Dissatisfied with the way you look? Good news! Now you can use the same prod­ucts as the pros:

If that doesn’t con­vince you, this video will:

A traf­fic cop was arrest­ed due to over $450 in unpaid tick­ets.

Speaking of jus­tice, Zucotti Park a.k.a. Liberty Square is now bar­ri­cade-free. Also, Manhattan’s DA dropped charges again­st 21 occu­piers who refused the rou­tine plea deal. Meanwhile #occu­piers are busy plan­ning the next stages of glob­al protest.

A trio of pix: