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Got some pix 5V 4U

Apis Mellifera
Apis Mellifera


Paul Klee - Monument (1929)
Paul Klee — Monument (1929)


Fractals by Silvia Cordedda
Fractals by Silvia Cordedda


Opalized Wood
Opalized Wood




Photograph Retouching
Old Skool Photograph Retouching


Speaking of Old Skool…

Dinosuar foot
Dinosuar foot


Speaking of feet…

George W. Bush glances as Melissa Stockwell—the first female US soldier to lose a limb in the war in Iraq—reads the Pledge of Allegiance.
George W. Bush glances as Melissa Stockwell—the first female US sol­dier to lose a limb in the war in Iraq—reads the Pledge of Allegiance.


More because I lof ewe!


Why, hel­lo there, friend. It’s been too long, I know. What can I say, oth­er than, “What can I say, oth­er than, ‘what can I say?’?”?

When the World Bank tries to con­vince you that man-made cli­mate change is real and immi­nent, you might want to pay atten­tion (I’m talk­in’ to you, shitheel).

Where do 70% of land ani­mals live? In the forest.

Set your TV on the curb and stop buy­ing shit you don’t need.

This talk at Google with Eckhart Tolle is worth watch­ing.

The secret hap­py pill that’s actu­al­ly not a secret, you’re just afraid to take it.

I’ve col­lect­ed a butt-load of pic­tures. Here they are:


Britt Ekland


The man:


Can some­body send me some of the­se?




Sad, yet intrigu­ing:


Georgia O’Keeffe — A Storm (1922)


A river in Iceland by Andre Ermolaev (more here)


Speaking of waves…


Ruud Van Empel — World #21 (2006)


Congress of Freaks

Love yous!


Head Room

Meat and greet, good friend! So hap­py you could make it. Hows about I show you some stuffin’s? Thank you kind­ly!

Huge, detailed image of Union Square cir­ca 1910 (via)


Something refresh­ing, haunt­ing, and beau­ti­ful: a Tibetan Sky Burial.


How We Consciously Form New Habits is a good read. So is 10 Reasons We Resist Change.

Yet anoth­er arti­cle on the pos­i­tive, poten­tial­ly life-chang­ing effects of “Magic Mushrooms.”

What direc­tion do you choose to focus on?



Finally, an inspir­ing TED Talk. Your body-lan­guage direct­ly affects your chem­istry, which affects the way you feel. 2 min­utes in “Wonder Woman Pose” can have a pro­found effect on the direc­tion of your life!




Apple of My I

Don’t take things per­son­al­ly.

Learn from fail­ure.

Don’t give up.”

—Louis C.K.

I’m lov­in’ Skoal Copenhagen for their bike-friend­li­ness. Bicyclists get their own frig­gin’ high­way!

Universal Man” by Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1165):


Fantastical stuffed cre­ations inspired by children’s draw­ings:


Speaking of chil­dren, see what creepy fun lurks in an aban­doned the­me park:


Inspirational video. Grace, pow­er, and deter­mi­na­tion:




Absolutely Necessary Abscess

Greetings, good fren­ni­gans, so glad you could drop by. And buy. Actually, I don’t have any­thing to sell you. And I like it that way. How many sites don’t have any adver­tise­ments?

Actually, now that I bring it up, I’ve been think­ing of sell­ing MG in ebook or app form. Plenty of you have been ask­ing for it, and the content’s already there, and I’m broke, so it’s def­i­nite­ly some­thing to con­sid­er. What do you think? Self-pub­lished authors, pro­gram­mers, sun­shine pret­ty peo­ple, lurk­ers in far­away lands: talk to me.

Thanks to those who have writ­ten in and are encour­ag­ing this par­tic­u­lar online endeav­or. I’m tak­ing your sug­ges­tions. I’ll write more of my own stuff, but I can’t guar­an­tee you it will be any good. You’ll just have to bear with me while I bare my soul.

Okay. That’ll have to wait. Maybe I should go for a walk

Now, more links for your click­ing plea­sure…

First, a groovy ambi­ent playlist shared on my book of faces. I’m lis­ten­ing to it now…:

A BBC arti­cle which takes John Rawls’ def­i­n­i­tion of a just soci­ety:

 A just soci­ety is a soci­ety that if you knew every­thing about it, you’d be will­ing to enter it in a ran­dom place.

and described Sweden and America in the­se terms to Americans. Where do you think 91% of Americans would want to live?

The Man Who Stopped the Desert. Love this! Yacouba Sawadogo is the frig­gin’ man!

MCA guar­an­tees his awe­some­ness stays awe­some. His will bans com­pa­nies from using any­thing he’s made in adver­tise­ments.

Depression: it shrinks your bri­an.

More break­throughs from pres­ti­gious uni­ver­si­ties: 700 ter­abytes of data in a sin­gle gram of DNA.

I’ve been won­der­ing for a while: why the 4o hour work week? What is this, the ‘50s? Seems arbi­trary and old-fash­ioned. The founder of 37Sig­nals thinks we should cut it to 4 days, 32 hours. I’m with it.

This is for all you col­lap­si­tar­i­an doom-and-gloomers (includ­ing me): it ain’t gonna hap­pen.

Steve Jobs was right: Flash is dying. (But Steve Jobs is already dead, so…?)

The Runaways




Please, please, please, watch and share this excel­lent TED Talk on Enlightenment in the Age of Materialism:

Love yous!



Corrugated Chalice

Greetings, friends. Hope you’re well!

Yes, it’s been a while.

I don’t know what it is. I have all the­se tabs open, but I resist post­ing.

Maybe it’s becom­ing too much of a chore to post? Maybe I’ll post less stuff, but more fre­quent­ly? Maybe I should post more of my own writ­ing? Thoughts? Suggestions? Email me or book my face. I want to know, what you’re think­ing.

Akrasia is inter­est­ing, and prob­a­bly at the core of soci­etal prob­lems.

Speaking of inter­est­ing, check out this monk who cov­ered him­self in ash­es and blood and adorned his hair with human fin­gers and toes.

Well wellHmm.…Okay. Enough of that.

Another call for an end to the failed war on dro­gas. This one by Canadian doc­tors.

Of course, there are big­ger humans to fry. Or bake. Or poi­son. But, it’s all inter­con­nect­ed any­way. Like the whole ter­ri­ble degra­da­tion of American soci­ety. Like I said: inter­con­nect­ed.

But(!). There are answers. We just need to lis­ten. And act.

Inspiration about a man who’s been on a 23-year trip (thanks, Maria).

Also inspir­ing: an NYC wom­an who makes a good liv­ing from cud­dling.

Exquisite old skool poster design from Poland:

Gorgeous pho­tos tak­en on-the-job by a NYPD offi­cer:


Wilhelm Gallhof, The Coral-Chain


Pablo Picasso, The Absynthe Drinker


I enjoyed this:


Leftover ran­dom image gallery/slideshow:

Love yous. Long time.