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Okay, got the cute­ness? Good, because wage inequal­i­ty is ‘get­ting worse’ in lead­ing economies.

Ever won­der why Canada didn’t have a bank­ing cri­sis in 2008 (or 1930 or 1907 for that mat­ter)? Wonder no more.

Did you know that New York City spends $500k a year on police pro­tec­tion for Fox News Headquarters?

If that news doesn’t get to you, part 1 and part 2 of this 60 Minutes seg­ment will.

Maybe I should’ve spread out the cute ani­mal pic­tures more..?



That’s What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout

Welcome back, shag­gy! In this short Sunday blog­ger­rif­fic blog post, I’ve got most­ly pret­ty pic­tures (hooray!). But first, some words from Dan Rather on the sad state of Television Journalism:

But now, we see our fel­low cit­i­zens tak­ing to the streets. And, that my friends, is our cue to get back to work. As the People of our nation begin ris­ing up, they expect the busi­ness of news to be about inquiry and account­abil­i­ty.

And, luck­i­ly for us, we can still do that … but it may not be with­in the con­fines of big cor­po­rate media. As you know, we are liv­ing in an age when big mon­ey owns every­thing … includ­ing the news.

I’ve been star­ing at this paint­ing all day (via):

Another beau­ti­ful piece of art, this time, a sculp­ture (via):

Want more awe­some stuff? Check out this year’s most pow­er­ful images.

And final­ly, I leave you with this cute comic:

Have a won­der­ful evening! See you soon.




The big news of the day is Cain dropped out sus­pend­ed his cam­paign because the “false, unproven alle­ga­tions” are hurt­ing his fam­i­ly.

In the words of my good friend Carl, “Negro, please.”

Q: So who do you think is gonna win the GOP nom­i­na­tion now?
A: It doesn’t actu­al­ly mat­ter!

Here’s an amaz­ing arti­cle on how pub­lic edu­ca­tion crip­ples our kids, and why.

Some #occu­py news:

Pictures! Yay!:

That’s all I’ve got for ya for today.



Thank You, Baby

Life is the sum of all your choic­es.
—Albert Camus

Why, hel­lo there! Great to see you again. Let’s start off with some good news: the US Economy added 120,000 jobs last mon­th.

Scientists have found that Psychopaths’ brains show dif­fer­ences in struc­ture and func­tion.

Speaking of psy­chopaths, The Senate is try­ing their best to speed up the US’s trans­for­ma­tion into a police state with the pas­sage of the National Defense Authorization Act.

Meanwhile, on the oth­er side of the world, sane politi­cians are push­ing to grant the pub­lic more free­doms while reduc­ing crime.

Pretty Picturesthis photographer’s port­fo­lio is amaz­ing!

And, final­ly, there’s this guy:

Thanks for read­ing. I <3 you!



Mmmm Hmmm!

Good evening, dear read­er. I hope this finds you hap­py and healthy. I’m lit­er­al­ly chill­in’ in Brooklyn—December 1 is a cold one.

I have lots of stuff to share today, and I hope you likey. If not send me stuff and ideas you want to see. See, I’m just get­ting this site off the ground, and it’s a blank slate. I’m sure it will evolve, just as MG did, but for now, it’s just a free-form-free-for-all. Enjoy!

Have you ever heard of  Pink Salons? Me nei­ther, but now, we both have.

Warning: a depress­ing link-list fol­lows this colon:

Okay, enough. How about some mind­less fun

…ahhh, that’s bet­ter. I also find before-and-after pho­to­shop­ping to be deeply sat­is­fy­ing.

Also, there’s this:

and, (so very cute) this.

In #occu­py news, Occupy Oakland wants to occu­py fore­closed homes. The whole scene scares the GOP, and they’re cur­rent­ly devis­ing spin-tac­tics.

Which reminds me: I have this lay­ing around:

aaaaaand, that’s it. Loveloveloveyou.



Darn! (Tootin’)

Hello there, won­der­ful. So glad you decid­ed to drop by. Won’t you stay awhile?

Banksy’s take on bankers:

Along the­se lines, check out an anthropologist’s arti­cle on the his­to­ry of mon­ey and debt. Unsurprisingly, vio­lence, war, slav­ery, and con­trol are all cen­tral themes in its cre­ation and evo­lu­tion. A long, but fas­ci­nat­ing read.

Pretty much the oppo­site of that, is this.

Wood pow­ered cars have been around since the 1920s.

Bread: 1
Pigeon: 0

The man who helped devel­op mil­i­tary-grade pep­per spray is appalled at how our “police” are (mis)using it to assault the peo­ple they should be pro­tect­ing.

And, final­ly: frogs. They’re pret­ty much awe­some:

I’ll keep on blog­ging, because, you know what? It feels good. And right.

Be well, fair read­er. Until mañana.



Oh, Man,

Thanks to those of you writ­ing in! Here is one of my favs:

From: Mr.Muntari Yeboah muntariyeboah2011@gmail.com
Subject: Hello Friend

I am con­tact­ing you again, regard­ing a sub­stan­tial amount of inher­i­tance funds belong­ing to my late client whom you share the same SURNAME with, Please email me for more infor­ma­tion: Regards, Muntari

Awesome! I’m on it! I could use a lit­tle extra cash, see­ing how the econ­o­my has ground to halt. (Don’t wor­ry, I won’t get start­ed with the polit­i­cal stuff. (Not just yet any­way…))

I came across this gem from the tum­blr-o-sphere.

This made me chuck­le (via the New Yorker):

So, yeah, that just about wraps up anoth­er “blog ‘post’”.

I do want to say, though, that every day moment is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to be reborn. It’s all too easy to get trapped in our own per­cep­tions and judge­ments. These can become habits, and pret­ty soon we think we’re worth­less and pow­er­less. We con our­selves into giv­ing up our free­dom, ideas, time, cre­ativ­i­ty, in exchange for …

Keep on send­ing stuff in, every­one. I’m lov­ing the love, and I love to love you!





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What’s going on? Well, I’ll tellya, a lot has hap­pened since MG. I’ve got a doosy of a sto­ry to tell you about that, but I’m still writ­ing it.

8 years. Dubya out. Obama in. The world warmed up a bit. The friend­sters, then the myspaces, twit­ters, and face­books came. I’ve got those!

Also, oth­er stuff:


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