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Heebie Jeebie

And a grand evening to you, good friend!

What’s up with our country? Wal Mart heirs have the same net worth as the bottom 30% of Americans. Our postal service is crumbling before our very eyes. Bridge cops make $221,000 a year. And let’s not forget about our other royalty:

What can possibly save us?

Well, I suppose we’ll have to see how that pans out…

What can we do in the meantime? Listen to awesome folks like Alan Watts and these guys:

What’s that? Propaganda? Yes! Check out these fantastic WWII posters.

Okay. I’m done. Gotta get to bed and rest dat head.



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Happy Friday, friends. Let’s jump right in to today’s list-o-fun…

Rats show empathy and help each other out. (They also laugh).

Word of the day:

Kummerspeck: Excess weight gained due to emotion-caused overeating.
Composed of Kummer (“grief”) and Speck (“bacon”)

Are you a victim of kummerspeck? We’ve got chairs for you:

Bicycle commuting in NYC has risen 289% since 2001! More lanes, please.

Motorola beat Apple in court. They can now ban the sales of  the iPhone and iPad.

The City of Pittsburgh knows what’s up when it comes to #occupy.

NPR tried to track down those “millionaire job creators” that members of the GOP are always referring to. They couldn’t find a single one.


And, lastly, this.

See you soon.



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When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

-Lao Tzu

Good evening, dear reader. Hope you are happy and healthy. The end of 2011 is nigh, and I, for one, am looking forward to a new year, a fresh start, a blank slate. For now, though, let’s see what’s on the agenda:

The East Village has rolled out the welcome wagon to their shiny new Starbucks!

Duverger’s law makes politics bo-ring. Maybe this is why people are leaving America in record numbers.

They caught giant walking dreadlock in Quebec. After some shaving and cleaning, they discovered it was actually a dog!

Forbes has a list of the happiest (and saddest) countries in the world.

Awesome infographic: A History of Western Typefaces.

Check out this faggot:

A woman who works with people at the end of their life wrote a blog post on the top 5 most common regrets of the dying.

A professional writer describes his experience being arrested for peacefully sitting in a park.

And finally: almost all women aggress against a sexy peer. Who knew?

That sums up this bloggeriffic blogginess (Blagojevich?). Until next time, stay snazzy!




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Title entered. Now what?

Heya, good friendster dot commie! How goes it? Well, read this first, before you answer:

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

~ M. Kathleen Casey

The Internet does not like Rick Perry or his bigoted campaign ads.

How bad are things here? Between 2008 and 2010, 30 Corporations spent more lobbying than on income tax. That’s bad.

What’s good? #occupy are taking back foreclosed homes. Maybe all those families sleeping in cars can get in on that.

I would like to own a pair of 720p streaming video glasses. Who’s buying?

Picture time! Check out these TP Roll Scenes.

TP Roll Scenes

Oh man, it’s late, I’m tired, and that’s all I’ve got for today. More stuff on the way very soon. Be well!



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Good News Tuesday #1

There’s awful stuff going on in the world. Bad news gets reported all the time. But what about the good stuff? There’s good stuff, right?

Yes! And since it’s Tuesday, I’m here to share it with you:

Astronomers have found a planet that could be potentially inhabitable. Great idea: let’s keep the one we’re on that way!

This TED talk is truly beautiful. Amy Purdy lost both her legs at the age of 19. Instead of letting this be a setback or a crushing blow, she turned it into an opportunity. She is now a professional snowboarder, full of life and optimism.

Great news: Trickle down economics is dead!

Want to buy an election? Good news! There’s a handy guide for that.

China, the worlds biggest carbon emitter, is “open” to cutting back on its pollutin’ habits. Hey, it’s a start…

The Jefferson Bible is now available online.

And finally, a gallery of awesome pix:


See! It’s not all doom & gloom here on Plenty love and optimism to go around.



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Take THAT!



Okay, got the cuteness? Good, because wage inequality is ‘getting worse’ in leading economies.

Ever wonder why Canada didn’t have a banking crisis in 2008 (or 1930 or 1907 for that matter)? Wonder no more.

Did you know that New York City spends $500k a year on police protection for Fox News Headquarters?

If that news doesn’t get to you, part 1 and part 2 of this 60 Minutes segment will.

Maybe I should’ve spread out the cute animal pictures more..?



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That’s What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout

Welcome back, shaggy! In this short Sunday bloggerriffic blog post, I’ve got mostly pretty pictures (hooray!). But first, some words from Dan Rather on the sad state of Television Journalism:

But now, we see our fellow citizens taking to the streets. And, that my friends, is our cue to get back to work. As the People of our nation begin rising up, they expect the business of news to be about inquiry and accountability.

And, luckily for us, we can still do that … but it may not be within the confines of big corporate media. As you know, we are living in an age when big money owns everything … including the news.

I’ve been staring at this painting all day (via):

Another beautiful piece of art, this time, a sculpture (via):

Want more awesome stuff? Check out this year’s most powerful images.

And finally, I leave you with this cute comic:

Have a wonderful evening! See you soon.



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The big news of the day is Cain dropped out suspended his campaign because the “false, unproven allegations” are hurting his family.

In the words of my good friend Carl, “Negro, please.”

Q: So who do you think is gonna win the GOP nomination now?
A: It doesn’t actually matter!

Here’s an amazing article on how public education cripples our kids, and why.

Some #occupy news:

Pictures! Yay!:

That’s all I’ve got for ya for today.



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