Greetings, Earthlings. I hope you are quite hap­py and healthy. And I hope your life gets bet­ter and bet­ter every day. All the­se tabs were eat­ing my RAM, so I’ve decid­ed to unleash them upon you.

First off, you should know that you can take MIT cours­es for free, in your under­wear. Here’s an intro to Psychology to get you start­ed.

I’ve read most of Malcolm Gladwell’s books, and seen his TED Talks. I’ve always thought he was a good, thought-pro­vok­ing writer and admired him. Then I read this arti­cle which claims he’s a pro-cor­po­rate shill with zero jour­nal­is­tic integri­ty. Sigh.

A bee­keep­er posits that busi­ness­es have a lot to learn from one of nature’s most shin­ing suc­cess sto­ries. Too Big To Fail can and will bring down whole soci­eties.

What do men and wom­en look at while watch­ing porn? The answers may sur­prise you.

An unknown num­ber of wom­en out there can per­ceive mil­lions of col­ors most humans can’t.

More evi­dence that giv­ing makes us hap­py.

Good news! More and more peo­ple are ditch­ing cable TV.

Bad news: for the past 30 years, US busi­ness­es have been inject­ing tril­lions of gal­lons of tox­ic waste deep into the Earth.

Ever won­der why Europeans are white? Wonder no more.

Why bad jobs — or no jobs — hap­pen to good work­ers.

Our Milky Way:


Vincent van Gogh — Village Street and Steps in Auvers with Figures (1890):


Golden Tortoise Beetle:


Hilarious screen test of mup­pets ad-lib­bing:


Love yous.



Does this count as a post? Yes. Yes it does.

The City of Tulsa destroyed a woman’s gar­den because, well, they didn’t real­ly give a rea­son. They just did it, and that’s that. One can only guess it’s because she was grow­ing her own food and med­i­cine. She should just be a good con­sumer and buy it from the Supermarket™ like Everybody Else®.

Good News! A new study pre­dicts immi­nent, irre­versible plan­e­tary col­lapse. Oh. Wait. That’s bad news. Sorry about that.

Here are some awe­some exam­ples of superb archi­tec­ture blend­ing with nature.

Love this:


I think Beijing’s Olympic design firms kick all kinds of ass over London’s:

And, final­ly:



Sound the Alarm: A Bus Went By

Do you have a gar­den? If so, you should plant some med­i­cine.

Oh, by the way, did you know that plants may be able to hear?

The aver­age American family’s net worth dropped 40% in the past 5 years. Meanwhile:


Which leads me to believe that our elect­ed offi­cials should be sub­ject to more scruti­ny.

Beautiful, intri­cate egg-shell art by Franc Grom:


Barbie and Ken’s life isn’t as great as it seems (via):


Melanistic ani­mals are the oppo­site of albi­no ani­mals:


Jaw-Dropping “Star Trail” images tak­en by astro­naut Don Pettit from the ISS:


Mugshots of some Mississippi Freedom Riders:


Love (via):


Gonna be around for 2 hours? Check out this groovy sound­cloud yoga mix and get your chill on.

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Hope you’re doing fantab­u­lous, friends. Just a brief update. Trying to get back into the swing of things. Or not.

Are you aware that human­i­ty is speed­ing down an unsus­tain­able path? You are? Well, what can we do about that? There is a very sim­ple thing we could all do to be off to a great start.

Interesting arti­cle on America’s old­est fam­i­ly firm (it’s actu­al­ly old­er than America): Zildjian.

Writers: take note of this excel­lent writ­ing advice from Pixar.



Screaming. Can’t hear my call…


The Big Picture:


A gallery of hijab pro­pa­gan­da posters from Iran:


Okay, Love yous.



Hey friend. I know, I know, I’ve been blogsti­pat­ed, but I just ate some fiber(optics), and I think something’s hap­pen­ing.

I’ve always sor­ta dis­liked the­se, and now I’m glad I know what to call them.

I ♥ free knowl­edge!

It needs 75k and has 68k. Can you help make this hap­pen?

Did you know about the Texas-sized patch of garbage float­ing in the Pacific Ocean?

If you’re feel­ing down or weird, just read this and feel bet­ter.

It seems like every week sci­en­tists have ener­gy break­throughs. Who’s gonna tell the guy in the Big Black Truck™?

Groovy typog­ra­phy:




Just drop me off here and I’ll get back to you in a few years…


NYC Diversity map (based on the recent Census):



Yep yep:

Rrrrawwwr! (Wikipedia arti­cle of the day).

Want more? Here’s the Wikipedia gallery of the day.




Why You Beastin’, Son?

Whoa! I feel like I’m gonna blog all over the place. Unh. Nnnhhh. Here it comes…

Terrifying chart of the day: 40 years ago MIT researchers pre­dict­ed that we are head­ed for dis­as­ter unless we curb our con­sump­tion. So far, not-so-good. Study this chart and think about what it means.

I knew that Stockton, CA is hav­ing a tough go of it, but, wow.

Along those lines, more than 1 mil­lion Americans who have tak­en out mort­gages in the past two years now owe more on their loans than their homes are worth.

A video about a Utah man who lives in a cave.

An inter­est­ing arti­cle about the inven­tion of jay­walk­ing, or, when cars took over.

I would like one of the­se wear­able mus­cle exoskele­tons.

I sure do enjoy me some pho­to essays:

Interactive satel­lite imagery of urban sprawl from the 80s to today.

Welcome Homea beau­ti­ful, har­row­ing pho­to essay about a veteran’s strug­gle with PTSD and American soci­ety.


More and more Americans are liv­ing off-the-grid:


Super-cool, covert, egg-shaped, tree house:


Recent, visu­al­ly stun­ning pho­tos from North Korea’s cel­e­bra­tion of the Kims.


The New York City Municipal Archives just released a data­base of over 870,000 pho­tos. Here are 53 of them cho­sen by The Atlantic.


Check the mail­box­es:


It turns out mon­ey can buy you hap­pi­ness:

Wikipedia arti­cle of the day: Operation Vegetarian.

Phew! So sor­ry to blog every­where like that, but, I’ve been backed up for a few days!



PS I think I found a name for my band:

Ski Ball

Through love, all pain will turn to med­i­cine.
~ Rumi

If you watch one video today, make it this one about shame, which she defines as:

The intense­ly painful feel­ing or expe­ri­ence of believ­ing we are flawed and there­fore unwor­thy of accep­tance and belong­ing.

It could change your life.

Along those lines, a com­pelling sto­ry of for­give­ness.

The Economy by the num­bers. Good graphs and charts. May make lib­er­als shake their fists. More chart porn? Check out health care costs around the world.

I’ll have the red  ging­ham sand­wich, please.”


Russian Balleria (via):





Sidebars Suck

Yeah, you read the title. I’ve been say­ing it for months, so I final­ly got rid of mine. What a waste of space. I think side­bars are ignored at best, dis­tract­ing at worst. I’ll try to inte­grate every­thing into this nice, spa­cious can­vas. That, and make the site more mobile friend­ly.

I should also say that you can email me. I wel­come com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Also, while you’re at it, why not friend­ster my book of faeces, Dot Com?

So now, onto the stuff:

I hope this is a sign of things to come.

Sweet sto­ry about a Japanese retiree who lives a sim­ple, naked life on an obscure island. Quote:

I don’t do what soci­ety tells me, but I do fol­low the rules of the nat­u­ral world. You can’t beat nature so you just have to obey it com­plete­ly.

It is obvi­ous that a drug pol­i­cy change is immi­nent. Even the WSJ is call­ing for it. And sci­en­tists con­tin­ue to prove that nat­u­ral med­i­ci­nes are high­ly ben­e­fi­cial.

Another exam­ple of our government’s inep­ti­tude: How US Senators Disclose their Campaign Contributions:

You’d pull up your cam­paign records on your com­put­er, and then you would print them. Next, you would grab the FEC report form and have an admin­is­tra­tive assis­tant fill it out, with a type­writer. You’d then gath­er up the pages, usu­al­ly num­ber­ing in the hun­dreds or thou­sands, and walk them down to the Office of the Secretary of the Senate. The sec­re­tary of the Senate would scan the­se pages into com­put­ers and then email them to the FEC.

At this point, it would be pos­si­ble for a reporter to sit at a ter­mi­nal in an office in a Senate build­ing and look over your forms, but since they’d be scanned in, the data wouldn’t be search­able — not ter­ri­bly use­ful.

When the FEC got the scan of your doc­u­ments, it would print them, box them up and ship them to a gov­ern­ment con­trac­tor in Fredericksburg, Va.

There, work­ers would man­u­al­ly key in the data from your forms into spread­sheets — like the ones the data orig­i­nal­ly came from — and then those would be emailed back to the FEC, which would then post them on its web­site.

Can we try some­thing rad­i­cal, but effec­tive? Place ran­dom peo­ple into office. Really, could it get any worse? Okay, okay… well, May 1st is right around the cor­ner.

I would’ve post­ed this 4 days ago, but, you know.

Beautiful, nat­u­ral art­work by Olga Ziemska:


Well, if you’re just count­ing bod­ies


Some great shots from the NYC of yes­ter­year:


Swedish High Jumper Gunhild Larking:


Twitter account of the day: @spookypedia. Tweets links to spooky Wikipedia arti­cles.

Love yous!