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People are leaving.

Of course, you’ve probably read the article by a Goldman Sachs employee who’s (finally) fed up with the sociopaths and greed that corrupted their culture over the past decade.

But did you know about the guy who left Google? He seems to think that its culture has changed for the worse as well.

Or the guy who left Atlantic City, with $15 million.

Ugandans’ reaction the viral Koby 2012 video: angry and confused.

How many earths would it take to support the human population if everybody lived like you?

Speaking of you, you can rent cats in Japan.

Both Colombia and Guatemala are forging ahead to decriminalize drugs.

More good stuff on introverts by Susan Cain.

It doesn’t, but I do:

Meanwhile, on the other coast:

Happy (via):

And, I’ll leave you with this: