Corrugated Chalice

Greetings, friends. Hope you’re well!

Yes, it’s been a while.

I don’t know what it is. I have all these tabs open, but I resist posting.

Maybe it’s becoming too much of a chore to post? Maybe I’ll post less stuff, but more frequently? Maybe I should post more of my own writing? Thoughts? Suggestions? Email me or book my face. I want to know, what you’re thinking.

Akrasia is interesting, and probably at the core of societal problems.

Speaking of interesting, check out this monk who covered himself in ashes and blood and adorned his hair with human fingers and toes.

Well wellHmm.…Okay. Enough of that.

Another call for an end to the failed war on drogas. This one by Canadian doctors.

Of course, there are bigger humans to fry. Or bake. Or poison. But, it’s all interconnected anyway. Like the whole terrible degradation of American society. Like I said: interconnected.

But(!). There are answers. We just need to listen. And act.

Inspiration about a man who’s been on a 23-year trip (thanks, Maria).

Also inspiring: an NYC woman who makes a good living from cuddling.

Exquisite old skool poster design from Poland:

Gorgeous photos taken on-the-job by a NYPD officer:


Wilhelm Gallhof, The Coral-Chain


Pablo Picasso, The Absynthe Drinker


I enjoyed this:


Leftover random image gallery/slideshow:

Love yous. Long time.