Corrugated Chalice

Greetings, friends. Hope you’re well!

Yes, it’s been a while.

I don’t know what it is. I have all the­se tabs open, but I resist post­ing.

Maybe it’s becom­ing too much of a chore to post? Maybe I’ll post less stuff, but more fre­quent­ly? Maybe I should post more of my own writ­ing? Thoughts? Suggestions? Email me or book my face. I want to know, what you’re think­ing.

Akrasia is inter­est­ing, and prob­a­bly at the core of soci­etal prob­lems.

Speaking of inter­est­ing, check out this monk who cov­ered him­self in ash­es and blood and adorned his hair with human fin­gers and toes.

Well wellHmm.…Okay. Enough of that.

Another call for an end to the failed war on dro­gas. This one by Canadian doc­tors.

Of course, there are big­ger humans to fry. Or bake. Or poi­son. But, it’s all inter­con­nect­ed any­way. Like the whole ter­ri­ble degra­da­tion of American soci­ety. Like I said: inter­con­nect­ed.

But(!). There are answers. We just need to lis­ten. And act.

Inspiration about a man who’s been on a 23-year trip (thanks, Maria).

Also inspir­ing: an NYC wom­an who makes a good liv­ing from cud­dling.

Exquisite old skool poster design from Poland:

Gorgeous pho­tos tak­en on-the-job by a NYPD offi­cer:


Wilhelm Gallhof, The Coral-Chain


Pablo Picasso, The Absynthe Drinker


I enjoyed this:


Leftover ran­dom image gallery/slideshow:

Love yous. Long time.