Dr. Cole

Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.
~ Anon

Greetings, good friendsterdotcommies. Are you in the pages of my facesbook yet? Why not? What’s your deal, EO?

Phew. After yesterday’s update, you might need some Lotus Sutra chanted by monks:

Speaking of monks:

Feeling better? Good. Because there’s lots of talk about Chinese labor being not-so-cheap anymore, and all those jobby-jobs that the corporocrats sent over there might be coming home.

Speaking of China, I hear that they’re in the mother of all bubbles.

Abandoned bowling alley (via):

Speaking of bowling, my girlfriend just got a new tat. Whaddya think?

Speaking of cinematic excellence, sit back and soak up Master Filmaker Alfred Hitchcock speaking about his craft:

Love yous!