Fifty Shades of Orange

A few days after the US election, I re-activated my long-dormant Facebook account. My recent entry into midlife created a desire to re-connect with people. I also had a sense of curiosity: How are people from the different eras of my life reacting to this unpresidented [sic] election?

According to the newsfeed on the Book of Faces: Sharply Divided.

Nuance and shades of grey must reside in lurkers like myself, and are never shown. But there are shades of orange. My whole feed is full of them.

Some are gloating, some terrified, but facebook dutifully sucks up and distributes countless images of a certain thin, saggy orange peel countenance, and puts them in front of millions of people, who, apparently, can’t get enough.

So here’s to the Fifty Shades of Orange! This particular mass of off-color cells are rapidly becoming etched into our collective unconscious, and part of our history, whether we like it, or not.