Youth has no age.
~ Pablo Picasso

Greetings, earthlings.

Some geekery:

Ever wonder: How much is your college degree worth?

Disaster strikes! You’ve got 72 hours before vital services are restored: are you prepared?


This photographer’s portfolio is sublime.

A bunch of “Manner Posters” from the Tokyo subways (1976 – 1982).

Lara Bifano paints fascinating scenes like this:

The ACLU has rated the US Presidential Candidates on civil liberties. Bachman, Romney and Santorum all scored 0/28. How did your favorite fare?

And, lastly: have you got 3 hours? Because Chris Hedges did, and he gave this brilliant interview entitled, “Brace Yourself! The American Empire is Over and the Descent is Going to be Horrifying!”

Maybe this is one of those things you can just play loud while you’re cleaning the house or doing laundry. Or listen to it through your headphones while you walk or jog or do whatever it is you do. It’s up to you, but you gotta hear this man speak. Seriously.