Good News Tuesday: Security Phrase: Prime Lean

Orange is providing free Wikipedia access in the Middle East and Africa.

A more detailed article on the intriguing findings of a recent psilocybin study.

I don’t watch TV, but I’ll tune in to Julian Assange’s new show at least once.

The nerds are figuring things out: they’ve discovered a new material that removes radioactive gas from spent nuclear fuel.

Anonymous released some Strafor emails. Choice quote:

I’ve seen people talking about how this “new movement” is a terrible threat to corporations, but in reality, due to the history of anarchists, animal rights, anti-war and anti-globalization protesters, companies are well prepared for such hippy hijinks.

Here’s a paper by Harvard research fellow Michael Beckley that basically says, don’t worry about the U.S.! It will be okay. Really.

A Calgary professor is beginning a 2 year study on people living off the grid.

He might want to check these guys out:

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