Good News Tuesday: Security Phrase: Prime Lean

Orange is pro­vid­ing free Wikipedia access in the Middle East and Africa.

A more detailed arti­cle on the intrigu­ing find­ings of a recent psilo­cy­bin study.

I don’t watch TV, but I’ll tune in to Julian Assange’s new show at least once.

The nerds are fig­ur­ing things out: they’ve dis­cov­ered a new mate­ri­al that removes radioac­tive gas from spent nuclear fuel.

Anonymous released some Strafor emails. Choice quote:

I’ve seen peo­ple talk­ing about how this “new move­ment” is a ter­ri­ble threat to cor­po­ra­tions, but in real­i­ty, due to the his­to­ry of anar­chists, ani­mal rights, anti-war and anti-glob­al­iza­tion pro­test­ers, com­pa­nies are well pre­pared for such hip­py hijinks.

Here’s a paper by Harvard research fel­low Michael Beckley that basi­cal­ly says, don’t wor­ry about the U.S.! It will be okay. Really.

A Calgary pro­fes­sor is begin­ning a 2 year study on peo­ple liv­ing off the grid.

He might want to check the­se guys out:

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