Good News Tuesday #1

There’s awful stuff going on in the world. Bad news gets reported all the time. But what about the good stuff? There’s good stuff, right?

Yes! And since it’s Tuesday, I’m here to share it with you:

Astronomers have found a planet that could be potentially inhabitable. Great idea: let’s keep the one we’re on that way!

This TED talk is truly beautiful. Amy Purdy lost both her legs at the age of 19. Instead of letting this be a setback or a crushing blow, she turned it into an opportunity. She is now a professional snowboarder, full of life and optimism.

Great news: Trickle down economics is dead!

Want to buy an election? Good news! There’s a handy guide for that.

China, the worlds biggest carbon emitter, is “open” to cutting back on its pollutin’ habits. Hey, it’s a start…

The Jefferson Bible is now available online.

And finally, a gallery of awesome pix:


See! It’s not all doom & gloom here on Plenty love and optimism to go around.