Today is yesterday’s pupil.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Watch Senator Sanders present a Constitutional Amendment to negate the disastrous Citizen’s United ruling.

More like this, please.

The movie industry is reaping record profits and increasing executive salaries while hiring less people and lobbying for nasty laws.

Feeling intellectual? Check out MIT Professor Daron Acemoglu’s insightful interview on inequality.

Or, you could ponder the causes and social ramifications of “hover-hand.”

Economic experts explain 2011 in charts. Yeah. That’s nerdy.

Q: Dude, have you seen that #occcupier pwn Faux News?
A: Totally, brah.


Butterfly egg (via)

Mantis (via)

(The) Dagobah (system) Georgia, US

And, finally, a retiree who’s saved over 160 people from suicide.

Talk soon.