Happy Blackout Day

We are what we repeat­ed­ly do. Excellence, there­fore, is not an act but a habit.
~ Aristotle

Hey friends. Wikipedia’s down. Reddit’s down. A slew of oth­er sites are down. You know why, and you know what to do about it.

But, think about the big­ger pic­ture. Why are we fight­ing tooth-and-nail again­st bills that should have nev­er got­ten this far? We all know the answer to that ques­tion.

Voting them out won’t solve any­thing. Those who are in: they’re gold­en. Go ahead, vote them out. That’s prob­a­bly their plan. They keep their health insur­ance for life. Their careers as lob­by­ists and con­sul­tants are set. They have big­ger fish to fry; big­ger yachts to buy.

And there are plen­ty of tools, just like them, itch­ing to slith­er their way onto the gravy-train of oppres­sion.

Election reform is the only solu­tion. Shrugging my shoul­ders and click­ing around the Internet isn’t going to help now, is it?

What can I do? What can we do?

We all know the answer to that as well.