Hear Here

Now’s the time of year
to let go of the old
and clear a path for the new.
Now, imagine the world you want to live in.
Now, make it so.

This has been floating around the ‘tubes for a few:

But, “voting them out” only changes the faces. Money drowns out our voices. And, wouldja look at that: Congress has ended Corn Ethanal subsidies. Does that make it $388?

These guys, want to overhaul the calendar so that the same date falls on the same day every year. Makes sense, but it’s so … orderly.

The Times accidentally their whole mailing list.

Iriner Wering specializes in “Back to the Future” photography:

Muh Muh Muh Muh MONDO Gallery

The world’s first hacker pwned a telegraph demonstration in 1903. Did he do it for the lulz?

Here is amazing time lapse footage from the International Space Station. This isn’t a computer model, this is a camera filming the earth from outer-friggin’-space. And you can watch it in your panties. I love the future.