Happy Friday, friends. Let’s jump right in to today’s list-o-fun…

Rats show empathy and help each other out. (They also laugh).

Word of the day:

Kummerspeck: Excess weight gained due to emotion-caused overeating.
Composed of Kummer (“grief”) and Speck (“bacon”)

Are you a victim of kummerspeck? We’ve got chairs for you:

Bicycle commuting in NYC has risen 289% since 2001! More lanes, please.

Motorola beat Apple in court. They can now ban the sales of  the iPhone and iPad.

The City of Pittsburgh knows what’s up when it comes to #occupy.

NPR tried to track down those “millionaire job creators” that members of the GOP are always referring to. They couldn’t find a single one.


And, lastly, this.

See you soon.