Hi-fi Rob

All this time
The Sun nev­er says
To the Earth,
“You owe me.”
What hap­pens
With a love like that.
It lights the
~ Hafez

Happy Good News Tuesday™, friends.

For the first time ever, the num­ber of poor peo­ple is declin­ing every­where. Brazil is kick­ing ass: they’ve just over­tak­en the UK as the world’s six­th largest econ­o­my. Their income inequal­i­ty is drop­ping: they pay the poor to keep their kids in school.

Great news! More US employ­ees are quit­ting their jobs.

This biodegrad­able urn con­tains the seeds for a tree, which will use your ash­es for sus­te­nance when you die. Become a tree!

Speaking of cool inven­tions, a Japanese researcher makes vio­lin strings from spi­der webs. They sound amaz­ing!

Inspiring: a 91 year old man learned how to read. At 98, he’s pub­lished his first book.

Costa Rica is next in line to ban smok­ing in pub­lic spaces.

This new, incred­i­ble edu­ca­tion­al soft­ware can not only teach, but respond to stu­dents emo­tions and bore­dom.

Absolutely stun­ning, clas­sic US pro­pa­gan­da posters:


Havana bride:


Abandoned roller­coast­er:


Hidden city:


Bedroom in Nature:


La, la love you.