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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the World.

~ Nelson Mandela

Been keeping up with the yoga sex scandals? The New York Times thinks it should come as no surprise, considering that Hatha Yoga has its roots in Tantra.

Do you know about HR 347? It’s just the latest expansion of the US police state, specifically in response to the #occupy movement. It’s flying through Congress. You want bipartisan support? You got it.

Costa Rica is the latest in a string of Central American countries to call for a debate on drug decriminalization.

From The Harvard Business Review:

Unfortunately, the idea of compensation based on financial markets is both remarkably alluring and deeply flawed: It seems to link pay more closely to performance, but it actually rewards luck and can incentivize dangerous risk taking.

This system has contributed significantly to the twin crises of modern American capitalism: governance failures that cast doubt on the stewardship abilities of U.S. managers and investors, and rising income inequality.

That falling jobless rate might be bad news…

Wonderful TED Talk: The Earth is Full:

6 Pix in Da Mix, Styx:

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