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Q: Great Novel Saturday?
A: Nope. Good News Tuesday

A cou­ple in the UK just cel­e­brat­ed their 86th anniver­sary.

Type 1 Diabetes can be reversed using “stem cell edu­ca­tor ther­a­py.”

Top econ­o­mists in London are urg­ing politi­cians to cut the work-week to a max­i­mum of 20 hours.

More aban­doned the­me-park porn. This time in Japan (warn­ing: HDR).

Dissatisfied with the way you look? Good news! Now you can use the same prod­ucts as the pros:

If that doesn’t con­vince you, this video will:

A traf­fic cop was arrest­ed due to over $450 in unpaid tick­ets.

Speaking of jus­tice, Zucotti Park a.k.a. Liberty Square is now bar­ri­cade-free. Also, Manhattan’s DA dropped charges again­st 21 occu­piers who refused the rou­tine plea deal. Meanwhile #occu­piers are busy plan­ning the next stages of glob­al protest.

A trio of pix: