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Iran has cut off Internet access, leaving millions in the dark. There are farts in the twittersphere about Lil’ Kim Jong being assassinated. All the while, insiders are trading heavily. What does it all mean? Okay. Calm down, ya loon. It’s just business as usual.

Germany is being a good country and refusing to sign ACTA.

Latin American leaders are speaking out against my least favorite war. I hope/predict that this war will continue to decline, and end in 15 – 20 years.

Some ridiculous charts from the Senate’s income inequality hearing. They should also read this article on the 10 clearest demands from #OWS.

Six pix in da mix:

Finally, the sad, fascinating story of a feral child named Dani. She was found in a dark room covered in filth, unable to communicate or feed herself.



Okay, okay, I can’t leave you on that note. Check this dude out: