Greetings, Earthlings. I hope you are quite happy and healthy. And I hope your life gets better and better every day. All these tabs were eating my RAM, so I’ve decided to unleash them upon you.

First off, you should know that you can take MIT courses for free, in your underwear. Here’s an intro to Psychology to get you started.

I’ve read most of Malcolm Gladwell’s books, and seen his TED Talks. I’ve always thought he was a good, thought-provoking writer and admired him. Then I read this article which claims he’s a pro-corporate shill with zero journalistic integrity. Sigh.

A beekeeper posits that businesses have a lot to learn from one of nature’s most shining success stories. Too Big To Fail can and will bring down whole societies.

What do men and women look at while watching porn? The answers may surprise you.

An unknown number of women out there can perceive millions of colors most humans can’t.

More evidence that giving makes us happy.

Good news! More and more people are ditching cable TV.

Bad news: for the past 30 years, US businesses have been injecting trillions of gallons of toxic waste deep into the Earth.

Ever wonder why Europeans are white? Wonder no more.

Why bad jobs — or no jobs — happen to good workers.

Our Milky Way:


Vincent van Gogh — Village Street and Steps in Auvers with Figures (1890):


Golden Tortoise Beetle:


Hilarious screen test of muppets ad-libbing:


Love yous.