Greetings, Earthlings. I hope you are quite hap­py and healthy. And I hope your life gets bet­ter and bet­ter every day. All the­se tabs were eat­ing my RAM, so I’ve decid­ed to unleash them upon you.

First off, you should know that you can take MIT cours­es for free, in your under­wear. Here’s an intro to Psychology to get you start­ed.

I’ve read most of Malcolm Gladwell’s books, and seen his TED Talks. I’ve always thought he was a good, thought-pro­vok­ing writer and admired him. Then I read this arti­cle which claims he’s a pro-cor­po­rate shill with zero jour­nal­is­tic integri­ty. Sigh.

A bee­keep­er posits that busi­ness­es have a lot to learn from one of nature’s most shin­ing suc­cess sto­ries. Too Big To Fail can and will bring down whole soci­eties.

What do men and wom­en look at while watch­ing porn? The answers may sur­prise you.

An unknown num­ber of wom­en out there can per­ceive mil­lions of col­ors most humans can’t.

More evi­dence that giv­ing makes us hap­py.

Good news! More and more peo­ple are ditch­ing cable TV.

Bad news: for the past 30 years, US busi­ness­es have been inject­ing tril­lions of gal­lons of tox­ic waste deep into the Earth.

Ever won­der why Europeans are white? Wonder no more.

Why bad jobs — or no jobs — hap­pen to good work­ers.

Our Milky Way:


Vincent van Gogh — Village Street and Steps in Auvers with Figures (1890):


Golden Tortoise Beetle:


Hilarious screen test of mup­pets ad-lib­bing:


Love yous.