Mmmm Hmmm!

Good evening, dear read­er. I hope this finds you hap­py and healthy. I’m lit­er­al­ly chill­in’ in Brooklyn—December 1 is a cold one.

I have lots of stuff to share today, and I hope you likey. If not send me stuff and ideas you want to see. See, I’m just get­ting this site off the ground, and it’s a blank slate. I’m sure it will evolve, just as MG did, but for now, it’s just a free-form-free-for-all. Enjoy!

Have you ever heard of  Pink Salons? Me nei­ther, but now, we both have.

Warning: a depress­ing link-list fol­lows this colon:

Okay, enough. How about some mind­less fun

…ahhh, that’s bet­ter. I also find before-and-after pho­to­shop­ping to be deeply sat­is­fy­ing.

Also, there’s this:

and, (so very cute) this.

In #occu­py news, Occupy Oakland wants to occu­py fore­closed homes. The whole scene scares the GOP, and they’re cur­rent­ly devis­ing spin-tac­tics.

Which reminds me: I have this lay­ing around:

aaaaaand, that’s it. Loveloveloveyou.