Oh, Man,

Thanks to those of you writing in! Here is one of my favs:

From: Mr.Muntari Yeboah muntariyeboah2011@gmail.com
Subject: Hello Friend

I am contacting you again, regarding a substantial amount of inheritance funds belonging to my late client whom you share the same SURNAME with, Please email me for more information: Regards, Muntari

Awesome! I’m on it! I could use a little extra cash, seeing how the economy has ground to halt. (Don’t worry, I won’t get started with the political stuff. (Not just yet anyway…))

I came across this gem from the tumblr-o-sphere.

This made me chuckle (via the New Yorker):

So, yeah, that just about wraps up another “blog ‘post’”.

I do want to say, though, that every day moment is an opportunity to be reborn. It’s all too easy to get trapped in our own perceptions and judgements. These can become habits, and pretty soon we think we’re worthless and powerless. We con ourselves into giving up our freedom, ideas, time, creativity, in exchange for …

Keep on sending stuff in, everyone. I’m loving the love, and I love to love you!