January 1st, 2012

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.
~ Indian Proverb

Hope you had a great evening and started the New Year off on the right foot.

Some perspective: Slash talks about what he’s learned, his feud with Axl, and gives other life advice.

Wikipedia’s list of car-free places. I would like to visit all of them.

This guy and his wife are living their dream: off-the-grid.

I left off a few days ago talking about Ron Paul. I know, I know, he’s all over the Internet. Message boards are flooded by his diehard supporters. I’ve never been a huge fan, but I respect any US politician who believes in something other than business-as-usual. In this (long-ass) article, Glenn Greenwald points out that Dr. Paul stands for many of the things Democrats should stand for, but don’t. The piece is also about the all-or-nothing attitude that pervades US politics.

Several states are petitioning the DEA to re-classify cannabis as a Schedule II substance. Good luck with that.

A batch-o-pix for you:

Many thanks to my returning readers. As always, feel free to drop me a note and tell me how you’re doing, or I’m doing.



Right from birth, we move in the direction of the Lord of Death. Every instant, the river flows toward the ocean, not reversing its flow.

~ Tibetan Proverb

The hivemind did it. For real this time: GoDaddy officially opposes SOPA. See? Corporations listen. Maybe there’s hope yet.

Study: 1 in 25 business leaders may be a psychopath. How can one tell? Poor performance. Their ascent to the top is based completely on charisma; they are terrible at leading and doing actual work.

Okay, I’m going to scream it. Ready? The rule is: ONE SPACE AFTER A PERIOD. PERIOD.


Whoa, some countries hold their political leaders responsible for commiting crimes. Nice one, Argentina.

Want good coverage of American politics? You’ll have to go to the UK:

Okay. One more day of 2011. Make it a beauty, beauty.




Scratch. Sniff.

Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.
~ Rumi

The American/European recession has never ended. It’s basically the result of  human relationships; power and weakness.

Anger triggers: Know them.

Poor people are quicker than middle-class or rich individuals to recognize the suffering of others and show compassion.

#occupy geeks are creating a social network.

Please, tell me, good people of the US: why don’t you want dollar coins?

Wikipedia’s list of countries by incarceration rate. :-(

Urban exploration pics:

More photos for you:



Hear Here

Now’s the time of year
to let go of the old
and clear a path for the new.
Now, imagine the world you want to live in.
Now, make it so.

This has been floating around the ‘tubes for a few:

But, “voting them out” only changes the faces. Money drowns out our voices. And, wouldja look at that: Congress has ended Corn Ethanal subsidies. Does that make it $388?

These guys, want to overhaul the calendar so that the same date falls on the same day every year. Makes sense, but it’s so … orderly.

The Times accidentally their whole mailing list.

Iriner Wering specializes in “Back to the Future” photography:

Muh Muh Muh Muh MONDO Gallery

The world’s first hacker pwned a telegraph demonstration in 1903. Did he do it for the lulz?

Here is amazing time lapse footage from the International Space Station. This isn’t a computer model, this is a camera filming the earth from outer-friggin’-space. And you can watch it in your panties. I love the future.



Post Box

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Q: Bad Olds Thursday?
A: Nope. Good News Tuesday.

The City of Medellin built giant outdoor escalators that shorten residents’ 35 minute hikes into 6 minute rides:

In Madrid, they buried a freeway and built a sprawling park.

In São Paulo, the 10-year ban on outdoor advertising has made the city more vibrant than ever.

The average Canadian is now wealthier than the average American. Brother, could ya spare a toonie?

An ‘edgy’ Chinese blogger is getting people talking “On Wanting Freedom”.

SOPA’s detractors have a new tool in their box: “the reverse robocall”.

In 1956, this state-of-the-art computer weighed over a ton and had just enough storage for a song. (via):

Today, we can fit 6500 of those computers onto one of these:

While we’re on the subject of weight loss, an obese man went without food for 382 days and lost 275 pounds with no ill effects.

Speaking of streamlined, the Buick Streamliner is goi-juss:

These pencil sculptures are incredible:

There have been a lot of #Occupy videos popping up lately. This one’s pretty well done:

You think occupyin’ is new(s)? Pssssshhhh. This guy’s been occupyin’ since 1967.

Be well, brothers and sisters.




Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.
~ Pema Chodron

Merry Boxing Day!

In advance of Good News Tuesday: 5 companies that did something good for the world in 2011.

On the flipside: McDonalds is leaving Bolivia. That’s right, they’re shutting down, and shipping out. Their marketing people are so perplexed, they’re making a documentary about it.

Awesome: An Aussie made a hoverbike. Yeah, okay, so he hasn’t actually tested it out yet, but it looks dangerous enough.

Here’s an article about a Chinese company that transforms our old Christmas lights into slippers.

The Cat Organ is mostly awful, slightly intriguing…

meat eating plants, on the other hand, are 100% badass.

A lake in Thailand regularly shoots out pink fireballs and nobody can explain it. No, really.

Some images I have laying around…

Are you ready to forget 2011? Here are 45 things worth forgetting.




Shang Hi

If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having.

~ Henry Miller

Well hello there, and good day, good friend!  A bit of Christmas trivia for you: the concept of Santa being pulled by flying reindeer was, in fact, a marketing ploy by a company that sold reindeer meat!

Speaking of flying: remember Lovejoy? She’s gorgeous!

Anonymous seems to be on a roll. This time they targeted a US security think tank.

Science has solved the mystery of A Hard Day’s Night’s opening chord. Couldn’t they have just asked George while he was alive? Or Paul?

I love trippy visual art like this (via):

Check out these brilliant illustrations for Lord of the Flies.

And, finally, the story of a blind dog, thought to be dead, who found her way home this Christmas.

Talk soon, butter boon.

x J

Big B

Good evening, dear reader. I hope this finds you happy and healthy.

Question: Who are you? What brings you to this lonely corner of the internet?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have you.

I’m curious, though. I see a bunch of you in the US and Canada.

Some in Northern Europe and the UK.

Brazil, too! Nice.

Drop me a note! I’m all ears:

It being Christmas Eve and all, I don’t have too much, but I do have some…

This reminded me of Mullets Galore:

Did you know that the guy who invented Kwaanza served time for torturing two women with a cable, vice, and soldering iron?

Also, did you know that a special pattern appears on people after they’re struck by lightning?:

Speaking of Nature:

And finally, for the new year: What Makes Us Happy? A fascinating 70-year study of mental and physical well-being.



Past and future are in the mind only — I am now.
~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Boycotts work! Godaddy caved to internet rage. Nevermind. Godaddy paid lip service to appease the great unwashed .

The TSA is a bloated, ineffective and costly beast of good intentions gone horribly wrong.

Who invented the Oreo? The unsung heroes of cookie design.

This guy scans the brains of Buddhist monks, looking for the physiological paralells of “non-duality.”

The good ol’ Times sums up 2011 in 108 pictures.

The New Yorker sums up the year in politics with 5 charts.


Some of the best-designed book covers of 2011.

Anamorphic Art:

Tatiana Plakhova makes beautiful visual pieces:

Christmas Mall “Art”(?):

Rita Heyworth is art:

Love yous.