January 1st, 2012

All the flow­ers of all the tomor­rows are in the seeds of today.
~ Indian Proverb

Hope you had a great evening and start­ed the New Year off on the right foot.

Some per­spec­tive: Slash talks about what he’s learned, his feud with Axl, and gives oth­er life advice.

Wikipedia’s list of car-free places. I would like to vis­it all of them.

This guy and his wife are liv­ing their dream: off-the-grid.

I left off a few days ago talk­ing about Ron Paul. I know, I know, he’s all over the Internet. Message boards are flood­ed by his diehard sup­port­ers. I’ve nev­er been a huge fan, but I respect any US politi­cian who believes in some­thing oth­er than busi­ness-as-usu­al. In this (long-ass) arti­cle, Glenn Greenwald points out that Dr. Paul stands for many of the things Democrats should stand for, but don’t. The piece is also about the all-or-noth­ing atti­tude that per­vades US pol­i­tics.

Several states are peti­tion­ing the DEA to re-clas­si­fy cannabis as a Schedule II sub­stance. Good luck with that.

A batch-o-pix for you:

Many thanks to my return­ing read­ers. As always, feel free to drop me a note and tell me how you’re doing, or I’m doing.



Right from birth, we move in the direc­tion of the Lord of Death. Every instant, the river flows toward the ocean, not revers­ing its flow.

~ Tibetan Proverb

The hive­mind did it. For real this time: GoDaddy offi­cial­ly oppos­es SOPA. See? Corporations lis­ten. Maybe there’s hope yet.

Study: 1 in 25 busi­ness lead­ers may be a psy­chopath. How can one tell? Poor per­for­mance. Their ascent to the top is based com­plete­ly on charis­ma; they are ter­ri­ble at lead­ing and doing actu­al work.

Okay, I’m going to scream it. Ready? The rule is: ONE SPACE AFTER A PERIOD. PERIOD.


Whoa, some coun­tries hold their polit­i­cal lead­ers respon­si­ble for com­mit­ing crimes. Nice one, Argentina.

Want good cov­er­age of American pol­i­tics? You’ll have to go to the UK:

Okay. One more day of 2011. Make it a beau­ty, beau­ty.




Scratch. Sniff.

Everything in the Universe is with­in you. Ask all from your­self.
~ Rumi

The American/European reces­sion has nev­er end­ed. It’s basi­cal­ly the result of  human rela­tion­ships; pow­er and weak­ness.

Anger trig­gers: Know them.

Poor peo­ple are quick­er than mid­dle-class or rich indi­vid­u­als to rec­og­nize the suf­fer­ing of oth­ers and show com­pas­sion.

#occu­py geeks are cre­at­ing a social net­work.

Please, tell me, good peo­ple of the US: why don’t you want dol­lar coins?

Wikipedia’s list of coun­tries by incar­cer­a­tion rate. :-(

Urban explo­ration pics:

More pho­tos for you:



Hear Here

Now’s the time of year
to let go of the old
and clear a path for the new.
Now, imag­ine the world you want to live in.
Now, make it so.

This has been float­ing around the ‘tubes for a few:

But, “vot­ing them out” only changes the faces. Money drowns out our voic­es. And, would­ja look at that: Congress has end­ed Corn Ethanal sub­si­dies. Does that make it $388?

These guys, want to over­haul the cal­en­dar so that the same date falls on the same day every year. Makes sense, but it’s so … order­ly.

The Times acci­den­tal­ly their whole mail­ing list.

Iriner Wering spe­cial­izes in “Back to the Future” pho­tog­ra­phy:

Muh Muh Muh Muh MONDO Gallery

The world’s first hack­er pwned a telegraph demon­stra­tion in 1903. Did he do it for the lulz?

Here is amaz­ing time lapse footage from the International Space Station. This isn’t a com­put­er mod­el, this is a cam­era film­ing the earth from outer-friggin’-space. And you can watch it in your panties. I love the future.



Post Box

Once you make a deci­sion, the uni­verse con­spires to make it hap­pen.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Q: Bad Olds Thursday?
A: Nope. Good News Tuesday.

The City of Medellin built giant out­door esca­la­tors that short­en res­i­dents’ 35 min­ute hikes into 6 min­ute rides:

In Madrid, they buried a free­way and built a sprawl­ing park.

In São Paulo, the 10-year ban on out­door adver­tis­ing has made the city more vibrant than ever.

The aver­age Canadian is now wealth­ier than the aver­age American. Brother, could ya spare a toonie?

An ‘edgy’ Chinese blog­ger is get­ting peo­ple talk­ing “On Wanting Freedom”.

SOPA’s detrac­tors have a new tool in their box: “the reverse robo­call”.

In 1956, this state-of-the-art com­put­er weighed over a ton and had just enough stor­age for a song. (via):

Today, we can fit 6500 of those com­put­ers onto one of the­se:

While we’re on the sub­ject of weight loss, an obe­se man went with­out food for 382 days and lost 275 pounds with no ill effects.

Speaking of stream­lined, the Buick Streamliner is goi-juss:

These pen­cil sculp­tures are incred­i­ble:

There have been a lot of #Occupy videos pop­ping up late­ly. This one’s pret­ty well done:

You think occu­py­in’ is new(s)? Pssssshhhh. This guy’s been occu­py­in’ since 1967.

Be well, broth­ers and sis­ters.




Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.
~ Pema Chodron

Merry Boxing Day!

In advance of Good News Tuesday: 5 com­pa­nies that did some­thing good for the world in 2011.

On the flip­side: McDonalds is leav­ing Bolivia. That’s right, they’re shut­ting down, and ship­ping out. Their mar­ket­ing peo­ple are so per­plexed, they’re mak­ing a doc­u­men­tary about it.

Awesome: An Aussie made a hov­er­bike. Yeah, okay, so he hasn’t actu­al­ly test­ed it out yet, but it looks dan­ger­ous enough.

Here’s an arti­cle about a Chinese com­pa­ny that trans­forms our old Christmas lights into slip­pers.

The Cat Organ is most­ly awful, slight­ly intrigu­ing…

meat eat­ing plants, on the oth­er hand, are 100% badass.

A lake in Thailand reg­u­lar­ly shoots out pink fire­balls and nobody can explain it. No, real­ly.

Some images I have lay­ing around…

Are you ready to for­get 2011? Here are 45 things worth for­get­ting.




Shang Hi

If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not hav­ing.

~ Henry Miller

Well hel­lo there, and good day, good friend!  A bit of Christmas triv­ia for you: the con­cept of Santa being pulled by fly­ing rein­deer was, in fact, a mar­ket­ing ploy by a com­pa­ny that sold rein­deer meat!

Speaking of fly­ing: remem­ber Lovejoy? She’s gor­geous!

Anonymous seems to be on a roll. This time they tar­get­ed a US secu­ri­ty think tank.

Science has solved the mys­tery of A Hard Day’s Night’s open­ing chord. Couldn’t they have just asked George while he was alive? Or Paul?

I love trip­py visu­al art like this (via):

Check out the­se bril­liant illus­tra­tions for Lord of the Flies.

And, final­ly, the sto­ry of a blind dog, thought to be dead, who found her way home this Christmas.

Talk soon, but­ter boon.

x J

Big B

Good evening, dear read­er. I hope this finds you hap­py and healthy.

Question: Who are you? What brings you to this lone­ly cor­ner of the inter­net?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m hap­py to have you.

I’m curi­ous, though. I see a bunch of you in the US and Canada.

Some in Northern Europe and the UK.

Brazil, too! Nice.

Drop me a note! I’m all ears:

It being Christmas Eve and all, I don’t have too much, but I do have some…

This remind­ed me of Mullets Galore:

Did you know that the guy who invent­ed Kwaanza served time for tor­tur­ing two wom­en with a cable, vice, and sol­der­ing iron?

Also, did you know that a spe­cial pat­tern appears on peo­ple after they’re struck by light­ning?:

Speaking of Nature:

And final­ly, for the new year: What Makes Us Happy? A fas­ci­nat­ing 70-year study of men­tal and phys­i­cal well-being.



Past and future are in the mind only — I am now.
~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Boycotts work! Godaddy caved to inter­net rage. Nevermind. Godaddy paid lip ser­vice to appease the great unwashed .

The TSA is a bloat­ed, inef­fec­tive and cost­ly beast of good inten­tions gone hor­ri­bly wrong.

Who invent­ed the Oreo? The unsung heroes of cook­ie design.

This guy scans the brains of Buddhist monks, look­ing for the phys­i­o­log­i­cal para­lells of “non-dual­i­ty.”

The good ol’ Times sums up 2011 in 108 pic­tures.

The New Yorker sums up the year in pol­i­tics with 5 charts.


Some of the best-designed book cov­ers of 2011.

Anamorphic Art:

Tatiana Plakhova makes beau­ti­ful visu­al pieces:

Christmas Mall “Art”(?):

Rita Heyworth is art:

Love yous.