We need more politi­cians like Mayor Mockus from Bogota, who cleaned the streets in a super-hero out­fit, took show­ers on tele­vi­sion, and paid mimes to mock jay­walk­ers. These eccen­tric cam­paigns and oth­ers cre­at­ed a bet­ter city…

…here in the US,  job­less claims have dropped to a three-year low. ButHalf of Americans live in pover­ty or are “low income”. What?!?

Do you like film? I do. Peter Jackson is liv­ing the future of cin­e­ma: 48f­ps. Charlie Kaufman is talk­in’ screen­writ­ing.

Q: Are our brains con­trolled by cat-lov­ing par­a­sites?
A: Experts say: Yes! Approximately one third of us.

Nature? Oh, God, yes, thank you!

Be well.




Why, hel­lo there! It’s late, I’m tired, but I’m not let­ting that stop me from blog­gin’ up a storm. Or. Something.

Good news! Fox News is actu­al­ly help­ing to elect Obama.

Kids the­se days: they’re drink­ing less alco­hol, smok­ing less tobac­co, but are total­ly into cannabis.

Today marked the offi­cial, offi­cial, mis­sion total­ly accom­plished, end of the Iraq War. Good rid­dance.  But … the hous­ing mar­ket is way worse than orig­i­nal­ly thought, America’s top exec­u­tives received huge pay hikes last year, the Government re-opened the Gulf of Mexico for drilling, and the Senate reject­ed two dif­fer­ent bal­anced-bud­get amend­ments. Coincidentally, Time released their annu­al “Person of the Year”:

But relax. Take it easy! Comedian Louis C.K. did quite well on his lit­tle $5 video exper­i­ment. Good for him!

Here is some choice street art.

Here are cat http sta­tus codes.

Here are some free chick­en strips.

And final­ly, a bunch of phras­es that came from the pen of William Shakespeare:

Take care of your­self, good friend.





Good News Tuesdays #2: Statistical Hemoglobin

Hey there! I see on teh [sic] gog­gle [sic] ana­lyt­ics that more of you are vis­it­ing. That’s good. It was start­ing to feel a bit lone­ly here. So now, I present to you: the 2nd edi­tion of Good News Tuesdays!

We either make our­selves mis­er­able, or we make our­selves strong. The amount of work is the same.
~ Carlos Castaneda

Speaking of…peo­ple are quit­ting Facebook.

Check out this fas­ci­nat­ing time-lapse video of Buddhist monks cre­at­ing a man­dala. Then they destroy it and then…well…okay, no spoil­er: see for your­self…

Household dogs can eas­i­ly be trained to detect can­cer with 90%+ accu­ra­cy. Which leads us to the inevitable com­par­ison

Here’s a short, fun video on pro­duct design:

Here’s an inter­est­ing, eerie sto­ry on a fake Disneyland in China that got its fund­ing pulled and remains only par­tial­ly built. Farmers are now reclaim­ing the land.

Biking: it’s healthy, eco-friend­ly and good for soci­ety. Get with it, fat­tie!

And final­ly, I give you two waves crash­ing into each oth­er (via):

Had enough good news? No? Well, did I men­tion that you are awe­some?




Just a few things today…

Obama is copying me! Check out this post where I say:

Q: So who do you think is gonna win the GOP nomination now?
A: It doesn’t actually matter!

He just said the same thing!

Do you know what's nice? Banksy:

So is this #occupy protester's costume:

More fuel for his fire, er, sparkly ribbons: a study in the UK has found that bankers cost society £8.40 for every £1 they produce, whereas childcare workers generate between £7 and £9.50 worth of benefits to society for every £1 they are paid. (original study here).

And now … dead people. Well, one anyway. Meet L'Inconnue de la Seine (the unknown woman of the Siene), an unidentified young woman whose death mask became a popular fixture on the walls of artists' homes after 1900.

Also, here are some people who are (probably) dead: Invisible Mothers. I guess it was common practice back-in-the-day for mothers to hide beneath blankets and/or tapestries and hold their children for portraits. That whole website is pretty awesome.

Finally, something very youthful and lovely: pretty music by Laura Marling.





Just watched this fine BBC news piece on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. It’s an hour long but def­i­nite­ly worth the watch

Did you know that Jolly ol’ St. Nicholas has a demon­ic com­pan­ion that pun­ish­es bad chil­dren? Now you do.

A great batch of pho­tos from the protests in Moscow yes­ter­day. I want that heli­copter cam­era rig thingy.

Beautiful high speed pho­tos of drops.

More beau­ty for you: The Brox Sisters:

Stay beau­ti­ful, friend!



Heebie Jeebie

And a grand evening to you, good friend!

What’s up with our coun­try? Wal Mart heirs have the same net worth as the bot­tom 30% of Americans. Our postal ser­vice is crum­bling before our very eyes. Bridge cops make $221,000 a year. And let’s not for­get about our oth­er roy­al­ty:

What can pos­si­bly save us?

Well, I sup­pose we’ll have to see how that pans out…

What can we do in the mean­time? Listen to awe­some folks like Alan Watts and the­se guys:

What’s that? Propaganda? Yes! Check out the­se fan­tas­tic WWII posters.

Okay. I’m done. Gotta get to bed and rest dat head.




Happy Friday, friends. Let’s jump right in to today’s list-o-fun…

Rats show empa­thy and help each oth­er out. (They also laugh).

Word of the day:

Kummerspeck: Excess weight gained due to emo­tion-caused overeat­ing.
Composed of Kummer (“grief”) and Speck (“bacon”)

Are you a vic­tim of kum­mer­speck? We’ve got chairs for you:

Bicycle com­mut­ing in NYC has risen 289% since 2001! More lanes, please.

Motorola beat Apple in court. They can now ban the sales of  the iPhone and iPad.

The City of Pittsburgh knows what’s up when it comes to #occu­py.

NPR tried to track down those “mil­lion­aire job cre­ators” that mem­bers of the GOP are always refer­ring to. They couldn’t find a sin­gle one.


And, last­ly, this.

See you soon.




When you real­ize there is noth­ing lack­ing, the whole world belongs to you.”

–Lao Tzu

Good evening, dear read­er. Hope you are hap­py and healthy. The end of 2011 is nigh, and I, for one, am look­ing for­ward to a new year, a fresh start, a blank slate. For now, though, let’s see what’s on the agen­da:

The East Village has rolled out the wel­come wag­on to their shiny new Starbucks!

Duverger’s law makes pol­i­tics bo-ring. Maybe this is why peo­ple are leav­ing America in record num­bers.

They caught giant walk­ing dread­lock in Quebec. After some shav­ing and clean­ing, they dis­cov­ered it was actu­al­ly a dog!

Forbes has a list of the hap­pi­est (and sad­dest) coun­tries in the world.

Awesome info­graph­ic: A History of Western Typefaces.

Check out this fag­got:

A wom­an who works with peo­ple at the end of their life wrote a blog post on the top 5 most com­mon regrets of the dying.

A pro­fes­sion­al writer describes his expe­ri­ence being arrest­ed for peace­ful­ly sit­ting in a park.

And final­ly: almost all wom­en aggress again­st a sexy peer. Who knew?

That sums up this blog­ger­if­fic blog­gi­ness (Blagojevich?). Until next time, stay snazzy!




Title entered. Now what?

Heya, good friend­ster dot com­mie! How goes it? Well, read this first, before you answer:

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is option­al.

~ M. Kathleen Casey

The Internet does not like Rick Perry or his big­ot­ed cam­paign ads.

How bad are things here? Between 2008 and 2010, 30 Corporations spent more lob­by­ing than on income tax. That’s bad.

What’s good? #occu­py are tak­ing back fore­closed homes. Maybe all those fam­i­lies sleep­ing in cars can get in on that.

I would like to own a pair of 720p stream­ing video glass­es. Who’s buy­ing?

Picture time! Check out the­se TP Roll Scenes.

TP Roll Scenes

Oh man, it’s late, I’m tired, and that’s all I’ve got for today. More stuff on the way very soon. Be well!



Good News Tuesday #1

There’s awful stuff going on in the world. Bad news gets report­ed all the time. But what about the good stuff? There’s good stuff, right?

Yes! And since it’s Tuesday, I’m here to share it with you:

Astronomers have found a plan­et that could be poten­tial­ly inhab­it­able. Great idea: let’s keep the one we’re on that way!

This TED talk is tru­ly beau­ti­ful. Amy Purdy lost both her legs at the age of 19. Instead of let­ting this be a set­back or a crush­ing blow, she turned it into an oppor­tu­ni­ty. She is now a pro­fes­sion­al snow­board­er, full of life and opti­mism.

Great news: Trickle down eco­nom­ics is dead!

Want to buy an elec­tion? Good news! There’s a handy guide for that.

China, the worlds biggest car­bon emit­ter, is “open” to cut­ting back on its pol­lutin’ habits. Hey, it’s a start…

The Jefferson Bible is now avail­able online.

And final­ly, a gallery of awe­some pix:


See! It’s not all doom & gloom here on Plenty love and opti­mism to go around.