A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

~ John Lennon

The tubes are humming with ire for SOPA. The hivemind is whirring with solutions.

A sharp-eyed spy-in-the-sky sent its first shots.

A comet named Lovejoy dipped into the Sun and kept on going (video).

Via The Lives They Loved, pictures and stories from those who passed in 2011:

More images from China’s Abandoned Wonderland.

Breathe and the madness will go away.” Yoga & meditation in B-More schools.

And, finally:






Today is yesterday’s pupil.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Watch Senator Sanders present a Constitutional Amendment to negate the disastrous Citizen’s United ruling.

More like this, please.

The movie industry is reaping record profits and increasing executive salaries while hiring less people and lobbying for nasty laws.

Feeling intellectual? Check out MIT Professor Daron Acemoglu’s insightful interview on inequality.

Or, you could ponder the causes and social ramifications of “hover-hand.”

Economic experts explain 2011 in charts. Yeah. That’s nerdy.

Q: Dude, have you seen that #occcupier pwn Faux News?
A: Totally, brah.


Butterfly egg (via)

Mantis (via)

(The) Dagobah (system) Georgia, US

And, finally, a retiree who’s saved over 160 people from suicide.

Talk soon.




Teeth Kiss

Happy whole-y(s) day to you.

Q: What’s good?
A: Good News Tuesday.

Great News! Another dictator has stopped dictating. Have you gotten enough of the Il-o-matic yet? No?

Wonderful News! Even China’s government considers concessions to protestors. Maybe there’s hope in the Land of the Free™ after all! Oh, and by the way, the upper-crust is sick and tired of you “imbeciles” attacking them. Is your skinny-cat skin in the game?

Fabulous news! We’re building more homes! I’m sure this will eliminate the homeless problem, right?

Wonderful news! Google just invested another $94 million into solar energy. That brings their tally up to more than $915 million. Speaking of, check out 2011’s most watched YouTube videos.


The Chromatic Typewriter is awesome.

These hyper-realistic paintings are impressive.

Okay, that’s good! See you soon.



Primrose Glide

Happy Sunday, folks. Let’s start things off with a quote:

There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.

~ Aldous Huxley

A great leader/visionary/artist has died. “Only democracy guarantees peace.”

Want some Art?

Are you aware that the “war on drugs” is a complete and total failure? It’s true. Preposterous amounts of money, time, and humanity: wasted. It causes untold amounts of (completely unnecessary) pain, sorrow, and death. There is no compelling reason for this fake war of greed and racism. What’s that? You want a sane solution? Look no further than Portugal.

Ever wonder why, and when, women started shaving their body hair? Wonder no more.

Congress passed that awful Homeland Battlefield bill. WTF?

Did you know that Wikipedia has a simple version that is awesome? Yesss! And, speaking of Wikipedia, check out this really, really, deep page.

Uh oh. China’s credit bubble has popped. Something tells me that the fecal matter is going to impact the air circulation device soon. But — if it heartens you at all — nature will overcome…

Stay balanced, brothers and sisters. You know in your heart what’s right. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



Quiet Time With Al

Good day, good friend. Blogging from the iPad again, but this time using an “app”. Yep. I just said “app”. I’ll say it again, without the quotes: app.

It’s been a year. It only took a single spark. But global revolution was the story this year. I’m hopeful of what 2012 will bring.

Do you care about global revolution? Or do you just like pretty pictures? I like both. Check these out:

Want more? Check out the 50 best nature photos of 2011.

Okay, back to the iMac tomorrow. Be well!




Happy Friday, furry folks! I’m blogging from an iPad, which is like playing the piano with mittens on. I’ll try…

…is this working?

I think so.

Now, a few words on the economy. First, you should brace yourself.  Then, you should read the 50 economic numbers from 2011 that are almost too crazy to believe. Then, if you haven’t tossed your cookies, check out this disheartening chart on annual salary growth.

Well, at least the S.E.C started charging executives with crimes. No. No jail time is involved.

Speaking of jail time, #occupy Portland has stumbled upon a succesful tactic for dealing with police. Pew has published a survey on what Americans think about the occupiers and income inequality.

Okay. That’s it. iPads suck for blogging and my mittens are sweaty. More fun, coming soon. Be merry, friend.




We need more politicians like Mayor Mockus from Bogota, who cleaned the streets in a super-hero outfit, took showers on television, and paid mimes to mock jaywalkers. These eccentric campaigns and others created a better city…

…here in the US,  jobless claims have dropped to a three-year low. ButHalf of Americans live in poverty or are “low income”. What?!?

Do you like film? I do. Peter Jackson is living the future of cinema: 48fps. Charlie Kaufman is talkin’ screenwriting.

Q: Are our brains controlled by cat-loving parasites?
A: Experts say: Yes! Approximately one third of us.

Nature? Oh, God, yes, thank you!

Be well.




Why, hello there! It’s late, I’m tired, but I’m not letting that stop me from bloggin’ up a storm. Or. Something.

Good news! Fox News is actually helping to elect Obama.

Kids these days: they’re drinking less alcohol, smoking less tobacco, but are totally into cannabis.

Today marked the official, official, mission totally accomplished, end of the Iraq War. Good riddance.  But … the housing market is way worse than originally thought, America’s top executives received huge pay hikes last year, the Government re-opened the Gulf of Mexico for drilling, and the Senate rejected two different balanced-budget amendments. Coincidentally, Time released their annual “Person of the Year”:

But relax. Take it easy! Comedian Louis C.K. did quite well on his little $5 video experiment. Good for him!

Here is some choice street art.

Here are cat http status codes.

Here are some free chicken strips.

And finally, a bunch of phrases that came from the pen of William Shakespeare:

Take care of yourself, good friend.





Good News Tuesdays #2: Statistical Hemoglobin

Hey there! I see on teh [sic] goggle [sic] analytics that more of you are visiting. That’s good. It was starting to feel a bit lonely here. So now, I present to you: the 2nd edition of Good News Tuesdays!

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.
~ Carlos Castaneda

Speaking of…people are quitting Facebook.

Check out this fascinating time-lapse video of Buddhist monks creating a mandala. Then they destroy it and then…well…okay, no spoiler: see for yourself…

Household dogs can easily be trained to detect cancer with 90%+ accuracy. Which leads us to the inevitable comparison

Here’s a short, fun video on product design:

Here’s an interesting, eerie story on a fake Disneyland in China that got its funding pulled and remains only partially built. Farmers are now reclaiming the land.

Biking: it’s healthy, eco-friendly and good for society. Get with it, fattie!

And finally, I give you two waves crashing into each other (via):

Had enough good news? No? Well, did I mention that you are awesome?