The World Presented to Us by Our Perceptions is Nothing Like Reality

Quantum physics is forc­ing us to rethink our under­stand­ing of the nature of real­i­ty:

The cen­tral lesson of quan­tum physics is clear: There are no pub­lic objects sit­ting out there in some pre­ex­ist­ing space. As the physi­cist John Wheeler put it, “Useful as it is under ordi­nary cir­cum­stances to say that the world exists ‘out there’ inde­pen­dent of us, that view can no longer be upheld.”

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Post-Erection Reading Wrist

An offer­ing of solace and under­stand­ing


First, read the­se words by Jack Kornfield.

When times are uncer­tain, dif­fi­cult, fear­ful, full of change,
they become the per­fect place to deep­en the prac­tice of awak­en­ing.

After view­ing the elections….whatever your point of view,
Take time to qui­et the mind and tend to the heart.
Then go out and look at the sky.

Remember vast­ness, there are sea­sons to all things,
gain and loss, praise and blame, expan­sion and con­trac­tion.
Learn from the trees.
Practice equa­nim­i­ty and steadi­ness.

Artwork by Carrie Marill

Then try to under­stand what hap­pened.

How did a demagogue get elected president?

The work­ing class was aban­doned by the DNC long ago. They are a par­ty of self-serv­ing neo-lib­er­als, who cater to the mas­ters of mankind.

The DNC sup­pressed their own pop­ulist can­di­date because he want­ed to upset their pow­er struc­ture. The work­ing class, who have been get­ting the shaft for over 30 years, had nobody else to turn to.

Also, the US is full of guys like this:




Trove of Eye Candy

Plunge for Distance—A Former Olympic Event

Plunge for Distance

According to the 1920 Official Swimming Guide of the American Swimming Association, the plunge for dis­tance “is a dive from a sta­tion­ary take-off which is free from spring from a height of 18 inch­es above the water. Upon reach­ing the water the plunger glides face down­ward for a peri­od of 60 sec­onds with­out impart­ing any propul­sion to the body from the arms and legs.”