I know you’re there. I see you on teh [sic] google analytics. So I’mma keep postin’ stuff.

What’s going on? Well, I’ll tellya, a lot has happened since MG. I’ve got a doosy of a story to tell you about that, but I’m still writing it.

8 years. Dubya out. Obama in. The world warmed up a bit. The friendsters, then the myspaces, twitters, and facebooks came. I’ve got those!

Also, other stuff:


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Hey Everybody…

It’s me, -j.


It’s been, oh, almost a decade since I’ve written anything for the web. I feel strange. And old. And…

…How are you?

Any MG fans out there?

Anyone at all?


I feel like I’m talking to…nobody…

Prove me wrong: drop me a line:

Yes, and send me stuff too.

I do miss you.