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Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Q: Bad Olds Thursday?
A: Nope. Good News Tuesday.

The City of Medellin built giant outdoor escalators that shorten residents’ 35 minute hikes into 6 minute rides:

In Madrid, they buried a freeway and built a sprawling park.

In São Paulo, the 10-year ban on outdoor advertising has made the city more vibrant than ever.

The average Canadian is now wealthier than the average American. Brother, could ya spare a toonie?

An ‘edgy’ Chinese blogger is getting people talking “On Wanting Freedom”.

SOPA’s detractors have a new tool in their box: “the reverse robocall”.

In 1956, this state-of-the-art computer weighed over a ton and had just enough storage for a song. (via):

Today, we can fit 6500 of those computers onto one of these:

While we’re on the subject of weight loss, an obese man went without food for 382 days and lost 275 pounds with no ill effects.

Speaking of streamlined, the Buick Streamliner is goi-juss:

These pencil sculptures are incredible:

There have been a lot of #Occupy videos popping up lately. This one’s pretty well done:

You think occupyin’ is new(s)? Pssssshhhh. This guy’s been occupyin’ since 1967.

Be well, brothers and sisters.