Purple Coneflowers

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.
~ Martin Buber

Thanks for being here, friend. Glad you could make it. What’s going on? Well…

Scientists have found a planet that has all the characteristics of being habitable.

There’s some democracy going on in rural China.

Obama is opening up new regions for offshore wind power. Phew. Also, remember that whole thing where members of Congress have the privilege of insider trading? Well, looks like that might be coming to an end.

Check out ShutterStock’s infographic on 2011 design trends.

Remember a few days ago when I was all jazzed about the new psilocybin study? Well, I came across a slightly older study that found long-term psychological benefits of psilocybin:

In their study, the Hopkins scientists were able to reliably induce transcendental experiences in volunteers, which offered long-lasting psychological growth and helped people find peace in their lives — without the negative effects.

I also came across this chart, which is fascinating in its own right:

The media frenzy over FB’s IPO is stirring up. Here’s an article on how exactly the book of faces makes money. Here’s another article by someone who tried to advertise on FB and was disappointed with the results.

Drinking wasp:

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More pix? How about a gallery of WWII propaganda posters?

Love yous.