Quadrula Pustulosa

Don’t count the days, make the days count.
~ Muhammad Ali

Hey there, dear read­er, glad you stopped by. As you know, it’s Good News Tuesday™, so let’s get to it!

Washington and Colorado are forg­ing ahead to legal­ize cannabis for recre­ation­al use.

The San Francisco Airport recent­ly opened the world’s first air­port yoga room.

Japan makes the best American Denim, French cuisine, and Italian espres­so in the world. Now’s a great time to vis­it.

Fun fact: The Satanic Bible is heav­i­ly based on the writ­ings of Ayn Rand. Author Anton Levay states that Satanism is, “just Ayn Rand’s phi­los­o­phy, with cer­e­mony and rit­u­al added.”

I’m old! I had no idea who Muse was until tonight, when I came across this video of them switch­ing instru­ments on TV because they were asked to do a “play­back”:

Nirvana did the same thing:

Throw a fire­ball at this:



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