Why, hello there! It’s late, I’m tired, but I’m not letting that stop me from bloggin’ up a storm. Or. Something.

Good news! Fox News is actually helping to elect Obama.

Kids these days: they’re drinking less alcohol, smoking less tobacco, but are totally into cannabis.

Today marked the official, official, mission totally accomplished, end of the Iraq War. Good riddance.  But … the housing market is way worse than originally thought, America’s top executives received huge pay hikes last year, the Government re-opened the Gulf of Mexico for drilling, and the Senate rejected two different balanced-budget amendments. Coincidentally, Time released their annual “Person of the Year”:

But relax. Take it easy! Comedian Louis C.K. did quite well on his little $5 video experiment. Good for him!

Here is some choice street art.

Here are cat http status codes.

Here are some free chicken strips.

And finally, a bunch of phrases that came from the pen of William Shakespeare:

Take care of yourself, good friend.