Shang Hi

If there is to be any peace it will come through being, not having.

~ Henry Miller

Well hello there, and good day, good friend!  A bit of Christmas trivia for you: the concept of Santa being pulled by flying reindeer was, in fact, a marketing ploy by a company that sold reindeer meat!

Speaking of flying: remember Lovejoy? She’s gorgeous!

Anonymous seems to be on a roll. This time they targeted a US security think tank.

Science has solved the mystery of A Hard Day’s Night’s opening chord. Couldn’t they have just asked George while he was alive? Or Paul?

I love trippy visual art like this (via):

Check out these brilliant illustrations for Lord of the Flies.

And, finally, the story of a blind dog, thought to be dead, who found her way home this Christmas.

Talk soon, butter boon.

x J