Stress Test

Hey Friends, here’s a buttload of stuff that’s been hogging my RAM. Enjoy!

The other day I posted that Consumer Capitalism causes depression. Little did I know there is an actual study that proves it so.

Another article outlining the futility and counterproductiveness of DRM.

The worlds oldest man is Japanese, and he’s 115 years old.

Julian Assange’s new show is out. Only one episode?

Are you tired of evil, evil people pushing their selfish agenda on you? May 1st is right around the corner. Will we be able to gather outside of the exclusive, designated, 1st Amendment Rights areas?

I ran across this article on How to Break the Procrastination Habit, but I’ve yet to read it.

You’re not crazy: talking to yourself is beneficial.

Do you know what’s even more beneficial: quieting your mental chatter.

Gorgeous, exclusive pictures from Nepal’s former Kingdom of Lo.