Strop ’til You Drop

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

~ Mark Twain

Greetings, friend. I can’t help but wonder when I look at dem analytics: Who’s visiting my site in Latvia (and staying for 12 minutes?) The Isle of Man? Bulgaria? Can one of you write me and tell me who you are? Thank you.

Nicaragua is working hard at energy independence. Its goal is to generate 94 percent of its own electricity from renewable resources by 2016. Meanwhile, we’re frackin’ and poisonin’ our water. I’m wondering if we’ll look back on fracking the same way we look back on Operation CHASE. Oh you didn’t know about that? It’s where we filled up old ships to the brim with unwanted chemical weapons and sank them into the Atlantic.

An Alaskan man is being charged with extortion. He threatened to teach crackheads how to make electromagnetic distortion devices unless the state paid him $85,000.

The world’s youngest grandmother: 23 years old.

Some awesome HTML5 fungoodness.

Paint Sound Sculptures:

Early photobomb (yes, it’s there):

Slice of Lime:

Idealist, Realist, …

The size of your body compared to a supernova.

Please, orkut my facebeak.