Q: Mediocre Gossip Wednesday?
A: Wrong. Good News Tuesday.

Heck-o, dear reader. (I say “heck-o” because “hell-o” might be a little harsh for Good News Tuesday)

I’m looking at the google analytics, and I see I have some returning visitors. I’m thrilled to know that people all over the world repeatedly check my little node of the web. So much, in fact, that I’d like to give a few shout-outs to some spots around the globe:

  • Qatar: I’m blushing. You guys spend more time viewing my site than anyone else, and I only have a vague notion of your existance! According to Wikipedia, you’re an absolute monarchy, have the world’s highest GDP per capita, and are “now the location for the U.S. Central Command’s Forward Headquarters and the Combined Air Operations Center.” Thanks for tuning in! I think…
  • Netherlands: More returning visitors than my own country. Impressive! I would absolutely love to visit you some day. Anyone wanna sponsor me?
  • Italy: you view the most pages of all returning visitors. Thanks for being so thorough. You’re beautiful!

And, all regulars, in all countries, in case you didn’t notice the cute little icon under the logo, unperson has a Facebook page, and you know what? I’d love for you to be my facebook friendster (dot com (mie)).


Onto the good news:

The State of the World (it’s better than you think!)

Depressed? You might wanna get some DBS, son! Deep Brain Simulation is proving to be a safe an effective solution for treatment resistant depression.

Ever wonder: Did psychopaths cause the financial collapse of 2008? Professor Clive R. Boddy thinks they did. And he wrote a paper all about it.

An Oregonian made the best paper map of America. Evar!

Wikipedia ended its fundraiser with $20,000,000 in the bizznank.

Great news! The world’s first hybrid shark has been found! You can stop looking now.

Webmasters, rejoice! One of the most loathed pieces of software to ever come out of Redmond is finished: IE6 is dead!

New Yorkers: check out this map and photos of NYC’s lost subways.

Some nature for you:

Book of Life (via):

The BBC started a series investigating if meditation can really bring happiness:

I think it has something to do with this: