Teeth Kiss

Happy whole-y(s) day to you.

Q: What’s good?
A: Good News Tuesday.

Great News! Another dictator has stopped dictating. Have you gotten enough of the Il-o-matic yet? No?

Wonderful News! Even China’s government considers concessions to protestors. Maybe there’s hope in the Land of the Free™ after all! Oh, and by the way, the upper-crust is sick and tired of you “imbeciles” attacking them. Is your skinny-cat skin in the game?

Fabulous news! We’re building more homes! I’m sure this will eliminate the homeless problem, right?

Wonderful news! Google just invested another $94 million into solar energy. That brings their tally up to more than $915 million. Speaking of, check out 2011’s most watched YouTube videos.


The Chromatic Typewriter is awesome.

These hyper-realistic paintings are impressive.

Okay, that’s good! See you soon.