Hey, Weekender, how’s it hangin’?

A doctor in South Africa is on trial for creating viruses that would only work on black people during apartheid. His defense: Just following orders.

It only takes 11 hours today to do the equivalent of 40 hours of work in 1950. So why are we still working 40 hours? Who’s reaping the benefits of increased production? Hmmm…

Building a Ford in 1950:

Got 18 minutes? Listen to this NPR story about animal cognition via a talking parrot named Alex. His last words: “Be good. I love you.”

Or, if you’ve only got 8 minutes, you must watch Michio Kaku talk about 3 types of civilizations. Ours is on the verge of a major shift. We, and our children and grandchildren, are the most important generations yet.  In the next hundred years, we’ll either destroy ourselves or go on to explore the galaxy.

This was made from pennies:

My cat:


Love yous.