I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe.

~Buckminster Fuller

New research finds that low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies and racism.

The FBI released plans to monitor social networks. Wait. They aren’t already doing that?

The new Press Freedom Index has just been released. Where does your country stand? Mine came in at 47. Right below Taiwan and Comoros.

Tom Green got some fans to harass another Tom Green because he’s not famous and he’s got the @tomgreen twitter handle so why doesn’t he just give it up?

The Misconception: You do nice things for the people you like and bad things to the people you hate.
The Truth: You grow to like people for whom you do nice things and hate people you harm.
The Benjamin Franklin Effect.

Another gallery: taking pictures of animals.